Korean primary schoolboy caught recording female schoolmate while she was using the toilet

The victim's mother says that her daughter finds it 'painful' when she runs into the offender in school.

Lee Wei Lin | May 27, 2022, 01:58 AM

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A male elementary school student was found to have secretly taken photos of his female schoolmate while she was using the restroom, South Korean news outlet JTBC reported.

What happened

Last March, the offender, who is in the 6th grade -- typically attended by 11-year-olds -- was caught on CCTV following a girl into the women's washroom at a cram school.

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JTBC reported that the girl waited outside for the culprit after she exited the bathroom as she was aware that someone in the next cubicle had taken a photo of her.


The girl's mother spoke to JTBC, sharing that her daughter has been unable to receive proper therapy as she is too afraid to recall what happened.

She continued:

"(My daughter) doesn't drink water or soup when she's at school (...) She holds (her pee) and runs (to the bathroom) once she gets home."

The woman said that her daughter's experience of having to face the offender when she is at school is "painful", and the fact that he is carrying on with his normal life is "distressing" to the little girl.

The girl's mother claimed that police investigations uncovered photos of other victims in the boy's phone.

Boy cannot be criminally prosecuted

As the boy is a juvenile, he cannot be criminally prosecuted. Instead, he was ordered to complete three hours of volunteer work in school by a school violence committee.

Gwangmyeong Police Station, which is situated in Gyeonggi province, will be forwarding the case to a family court.

In South Korea, those aged between 10 and 19 have their cases heard at the juvenile division of a competent family court or district court. The judge will decide on the case after receiving a report from an investigative officer.

The judge may make protective disposition, where the juvenile may be left to the care of a guardian, be placed under the supervision of a probation officer, or be sent to a juvenile protection institution, a hospital, or a juvenile reformatory. A community service order or an order to attend a lecture may be issued concurrently with such disposition.

Protective dispositions have no effect on the juvenile's future status.

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