Single's Inferno's Song Ji-A seen helping out at soup kitchen 4 months after scandal

She has stayed out of the limelight since January 2022.

Karen Lui | May 22, 2022, 04:45 PM

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Song Ji-A of "Single's Inferno" fame was recently spotted helping out at a soup kitchen in South Korea.

The breakout star of the Netflix television series found herself in the centre of controversy when she was caught wearing fake designer goods early this year.

In January 2022, she removed all her Instagram and YouTube posts, except her apology post and video, and stayed out of the limelight.

Till now, that's the only post on her Instagram.

Preparing food for underprivileged

Alongside actress Kang Ye-won, Song can be seen helping to prepare meals in a kitchen.

Photo by @catholic_lp on Instagram.

According to the Instagram post, Song and Kang come to the soup kitchen once a month to serve in the kitchen and help deliver the lunchboxes to the jjokbang residents.

Jjokbang refers to government-subsidised housing for those who are unable to afford to pay the deposit for regular rental apartments.

Photo by @catholic_lp on Instagram.

Park Ji-yeon, the wife of comedian Lee Soo-geun, also shared pictures of Song helping out.

Photo by @yonine_jiyeon on Instagram.

Photo by @yonine_jiyeon on Instagram.

Photo by @yonine_jiyeon on Instagram.

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Top images by @catholic_lp on Instagram and Netflix.