4 bridesmaids in China dress up in Ultraman costumes & schoolgirl skirts, bride cracks up


Karen Lui | May 23, 2022, 02:52 PM

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Bridemaids typically wear matching outfits to accompany the bride.

On May 17, a set of four bridesmaids in Zhejiang, China, went above and beyond for their bride by showing up in Ultraman costumes, complete with plaid schoolgirl skirts.

The bizarre scene was captured in a 22-second clip that went viral on Chinese social media platforms.


The bride who is dressed in a long white dress sits in the middle of her four bridesmaids.

In addition to the Ultraman costumes, each of the bridesmaids wears a plaid schoolgirl skirt of a different colour.

The one wearing the pink skirt stands up with one leg perched on the sofa, making iconic poses from the fictional series.

The rest of them look on and make matching poses.

Video via Weibo.

The Ultra(w0)man in pink skirt briefly lifts her mask to look at the bride before putting it back on to continue posing, to the laughter of the bride.

Video via Weibo.

She even performs a curtsy of sorts, among other poses.

The other three Ultra(wo)men continue posing while seated on the couch.

Groomsmen supposed to be dressed as monsters

A friend of the bride told Chinese media that the bride is a very bubbly person and they discussed together to come up with a creative idea.

Hence, they decided to dress up in Ultraman costumes and all the bridesmaids were agreeable, she added.

According to her, the initial plan was to dress the groomsmen in the monster costume but one of them was could not fit in the costume.

As a result, only the bridesmaids were in costume.

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Top images via Weibo.