Asian-American man, 61, brutally beaten & 'left for dead' wakes up from coma

He can follow commands with small motions with his hands and respond to some questions with head nods.

Karen Lui | May 22, 2022, 11:23 AM

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A 61-year-old man of Chinese descent in Chicago named Jin Yut Lew has awakened from a coma after being brutally beaten up in a violent carjacking.

According to his GoFundMe page, Lew was attacked repeatedly with a blunt object to the head and face and "left for dead".

Out of coma

CBS Chicago received news from a family spokesperson that he has awakened from his coma.

Lew can follow commands with small motions with his hands and respond to some questions with head nods, they said.

His memory and speech have yet to return but doctors are pleased with the progress.

Reported missing & found "bleeding from the head"

Chicago Police Department stated Lew was found by street cleaners on a sidewalk just before 6:30am on April 7 in Chicago's Chinatown, NBC News reported.

Lew was found "incoherent and bleeding from the head" before being sent to a hospital in critical condition.

A week before he was located, Lew was reported missing and his family created a Facebook page to help find him, according to NBC Chicago.

A hospital employee had reached out to the family after realising that they had a patient that matched Lew's description.

The hospital and police were initially unable to identify Lew for several days due to his serious head injuries and comatose state.

Two days after Lew was found, the police met with a witness who identified Lew and said his car was stolen on the day he was found on the sidewalk.

The police are investigating the case as aggravated vehicular hijacking.

Fundraising for medical bills

After he immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1980s, Lew became a well-respected head chef in the Chinese restaurant community for over 40 years, the GoFundMe page said.

Lew's family had set up a GoFundMe page on April 11 to raise US$50,000 (around S$68,980) for Lew's "medical bills, physical therapy, and home care".

It has already raised US$96,019 (around S$132,465) at the time of writing, which is almost twice the fundraising goal.

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Top images via GoFundMe.