Woman in China calls boyfriend's parents 'stingy' for giving her S$1,690 angbao

She hinted that her boyfriend's family could afford to give her more as his family background is "not bad".

Karen Lui | February 09, 2022, 10:37 AM

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Have you ever received a four-digit red packet (ang bao) for Chinese New Year?

Well, a woman in China was given a RMB8,000 (S$1,691) ang bao from her boyfriend's parents -- but it was apparently not enough.

She lamented about the "meagre" sum and accused her partner's parents of being stingy in a screen shot that was subsequently shared on Weibo.

Met boyfriend's parents for the first time

The unnamed woman had accompanied her boyfriend to his family home and met his parents for the first time ahead of the festive season.

His parents offered her good food during her stay with them and was "satisfied" with the fact that his family did not seem like "the sort who lacks money or is stingy".

Before the couple left the family home to return to the city, the woman received a red packet from her boyfriend's mother.

The woman opened it in the car and the amount of money contained caused her "impression of their family to change completely".

The red packet contained a whopping RMB8,000 (S$1,691).

One might think her impression of the family might have changed in a positive way in light of their generosity.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Instead, she felt "slighted and disrespected" as she lamented that the amount was too little.

She hinted that her boyfriend's family could afford to give her more as his family background is "not bad".

Besides questioning if the family was showing their disregard for her, she emphasised her concern about their treatment towards her in the future, which she implied will go downhill.

Here's the translation of the messages in full:

"Before Chinese New Year, I accompanied my boyfriend to his home and met his parents for the first time. These days, his parents have prepared quite a lot of delicious food for me, which isn’t too bad. It made me feel that his family should not be the sort who lacks money or is stingy, I’m quite satisfied.

Yesterday, both of us packed our things in preparation for our return back to the city. His mother pushed a red packet into my bag. It seems like they have a habit of giving a red packet to the girl on her first visit to their home. When I opened the red packet in the car, my impression of their family completely changed.

There was only 8,000 RMB (~S$1,691.44) in the red packet. I felt slighted and disrespected. Their family background is not bad, are they simply showing their disregard for me by giving so little? Regardless of the various customs across the country, if they are already so stingy during the first time, what about thereafter?

My best friend said 8,000 RMB is okay and asked me to be content. It’s not that I insist on getting upset about the amount. However, if they already treat me like this the first time around, what about thereafter?

Are my expectations too high or is his family completely disregarding me?"

Image via 长春人的长春事儿 on Weibo.

Netizens: Break up with him

Many netizens reacted negatively to the attitude displayed by the woman.

Some netizens suggested that the couple break up, telling her to find another person who would give her RMB80,000 (S$16,894) instead of holding up the boy or herself.

Others were more sarcastic in their replies.

"They didn't transfer ownership of the house to you on your first visit? They're definitely showing disregard to you. Extremely insincere. Break up with him immediately."

"Your assumptions are right, he didn't treat your seriously. Their family should have given all their properties, passbooks, stocks, cash, etc. to you. That's how they can clearly show that they hold you in high regard."

One netizen shared some insight on the "market rates" that usually fall around RMB1,000 (S$211) or RMB2,000 (S$422.34) and said they've not encountered someone who would find RMB8,000 too little.

“Eight thousand isn't enough, it should be a couple hundred thousands."

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Top images via Weibo and CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash for illustrative purposes.