I got the new motoring card for the yet-to-be-launched On-Board Units not because I’m kiasu but because I’m scared of trouble

Know the difference.

| Sponsored | February 17, 2022, 06:55 PM

Look, I’m a man who doesn’t fancy surprises. Instead, I very much fancy experiences that are within my expectations and, ultimately, hassle-free.

After all, as a man on the wrong side of 30, there’s simply not much time left to do the things that really matter.

Ergo, I will do whatever it takes to achieve predictability.

Machiavellian, I know. But you and I know it: we need structure in our lives.

So when I read this LTA press release, I knew that change was still coming, even though it had been delayed.

Despite 2023 being more than a year away, I just enjoy being prepared. In case, microchip production ramps up and LTA decides to fast track the installation.

Why change now?

You must be wondering why I’m in such a hurry to look for a stored-value card replacement.

The reason is simple: Other than being prepared, I also do not want to be honked at.

Imagine the day when I happily swap my IU with the spanking new OBU only to have an old cash card in my possession while exiting Millenia Walk’s steep car park with five cars behind me.

That’s like my worst nightmare.

So in lieu of looking silly at car park exits, I’d take a new stored-value card now. In case I forget, what’s wrong with getting ready for the future?

Enter the one card to rule them all

Google “Motoring card Singapore” and you will see the NETS Motoring Card as the first result.

The description says: “For ERP & All Carpark Payments”. Looks like I have no choice but to click on it.

I was greeted by this very assuring sentence: “The card is compatible not just with the current dual-mode IU, but also the future OBU which will be introduced soon for the next generation ERP system.

And I can get it at convenience stores and petrol stations at S$10 per card (inclusive of S$5 stored value).

Ok, I’m sold.

Time to test it out

Honestly, I do not know why I need to test the card out because: It is as advertised: This NETS Motoring Card is the ONLY card that can be used at ALL CARPARKS.

But I went ahead to test out anyway since I had some errands to run.

Random car park A


No problemo.

Random car park B, which is a non-EPS car park. Which means I must tap the NETS Motoring Card on the gantry’s card reader.

Good to go.

Oh, I can also sign up for the auto top-up service, which erm automatically tops up the NETS Motoring Card when it’s low on moolah.

Or try the NETS App, where you can easily track transactions and card balance, via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Ok, to be honest, the NETS App is a breeze too. You just need to hold your NETS Motoring Card against the back of your phone and voila, you are done.

No more running like a headless chicken looking for the top-up machines.

But if you are a masochist and enjoy topping up manually, you can also do it the usual way at various top-up machines and ATMs.

As I predicted, the card works like nothing has changed, and my life remains smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover (just to clarify, it’s a BTS song and I’m not really a criminal).

Time for a trouble-free life

 If you, like me, yearn for a life of predictability, please do yourself a favour and get the NETS Motoring Card.

And get this: Top up now and stand to win a brand new fully electric MG ZS EV. Get up to 10x more chances if you top up from now till Apr. 30, 2022. Click here to find out more.

Here are some other benefits other than predictability if you get the NETS Motoring Card now:

  • Enjoy free card insurance, with up to S$50 in coverage by HL Assurance
  • Get rewarded with WINK+ points. Simply download and register your 16 digit NETS Motoring Card ID on the WINK+ app to start earning WINK+ points, which can be converted to e-vouchers for spending at participating retailers.


This trouble-free ad is brought to you by NETS.