Domestic worker, 39, celebrates birthday for first time ever after S'porean employers surprise her with cake

She said she had never celebrated her birthday back home in Indonesia.

Belmont Lay | February 08, 2022, 03:27 AM

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A 39-year-old foreign domestic worker in Singapore was given a pleasant surprise by her Singaporean employers after they found out that the Indonesian woman, who has helped the family for several months now, had never celebrated her birthday before.

Footage of the birthday surprise pulled off for the foreign domestic worker was put up on social media on Feb. 6.

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What employers learnt about their helper

The foreign domestic worker, Ruenah, hails from Indonesia and started working for the family in May 2021.

Her employer, Anna Leyman, 34 said in response to media queries that she and her husband previously heard Ruenah mention that she had never celebrated her birthday all along.

Birthdays are treated just like other days back in her home in Indonesia, as her family is not well-to-do.

Pretended to forget birthday

On the day of Ruenah's birthday, the Singaporean family pretended there was no special occasion that day.

The couple purposely made Ruenah think they had forgotten about her birthday.

Anna had even earlier sent her husband and two daughters out of the house, but in fact, they had gone out on Anna's instructions to search of a cake for their domestic helper.

The surprise

Catching their helper off-guard, Anna's two daughters walked into the house with a chocolate cake as they sang, "Happy Birthday".

The surprise saw Ruenah fall to the floor as she broke down in tears.

According to Anna, children being children, the elder daughter screamed at Ruenah: “Why you cry? You baby or what?”

As she wiped her tears, Ruenah hugged the younger girl.

The birthday surprise feast consisted of McDonald's.

As a working mother who is not home often enough, Anna said she is grateful to Ruenah for taking care of the children and overseeing the chores in the house.

Anna wrote in her Instagram post:

Happy Birthday Bibik 🎈

Every human deserve to be loved regardless who they are. Whether they are your employee or your family.

Just be kind to everything xx 💛

All media via @anna__leyman Instagram

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