Child wanders onto Punggol road, vehicle stops in time, adult runs after child, leaves another behind

Everyone running across the road without right of way.

Belmont Lay | February 16, 2022, 11:33 AM

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The driver of a vehicle travelling along a road in Punggol, who had the right of way, was situationally aware enough to brake in time after a young child wandered onto the pedestrian crossing.

Two children left unattended

A video of the Feb. 15 incident at around 6:15pm at Edgedale Plains was captured on the dashcam of the oncoming vehicle.

A toddler dressed in an orange top was seen at the pedestrian crossing unattended.

The vehicle approaching the pedestrian crossing braked in time even though it had the right of way.

Seeing that the vehicle had stopped, the boy, who was standing in the middle of the road, proceeded to run across the full length of the pedestrian crossing.

He had looked back briefly behind him before dashing across, as if to see if the older child would follow.

Fortunately, there were no vehicles approaching from the opposite direction.

A slightly older child, at the side of the road, hesitated to run across after the boy.

Adult runs after toddler

After the toddler almost made it to the other side, a woman, looking frazzled, was seen running after the toddler.

The toddler was likely looking behind him when he was on the road to see if the woman was chasing after him.

The traffic light was still lit green showing that vehicles at the crossing had the right of way.

The woman ran across the road after the toddler, leaving the older child unattended.

The older child then ran unattended after the woman and the boy.

As the older child did so, a vehicle approached the pedestrian crossing from the opposite side but slowed down.

All this while, the traffic light were still in favour of vehicles travelling across the pedestrian crossing.


The majority of reactions in response to the video were to express anger and shock at the antics of all three pedestrians, with the adult blamed for failing to establish control over the two children.

Not only was the first child running across the road at risk of being knocked down by a vehicle, the second child left unattended to run across the road posed as much or even a greater danger.

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