Scoot investigating video of 2 topless & maskless men 'partying' on plane with alcohol

No other passengers were seen on the plane in the video.

Ashley Tan | January 05, 2022, 09:17 AM

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A video of what appears to be two men and a woman dressed as a Scoot flight attendant on a plane has prompted the airline company to launch an investigation.

Party with alcohol

The video was originally uploaded to TikTok, but has since been taken down.

The short clip shows two men, both of whom are topless and maskless, dancing and gesturing to the video's background music.

Included in the video is a woman in what looks like the uniform of a Scoot flight attendant, and also wearing gloves, a mask and a face shield.

She holds up two fingers in the "peace" sign, and also appears to be shushing the two men.

Several shots show numerous small bottles of alcohol on the tray table.

Meanwhile, the plane appears dark and other passengers are not seen in the video.

Investigations being carried out

In response to Mothership’s queries Scoot said that it is aware of the video and that investigations are being carried out to "ascertain the facts".

Scoot also said that it "treats the safety and well-being of passengers and crew with utmost importance".

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Top photo from TikTok