Mdada CEO Pornsak apologises after e-commerce company hit with complaints of delayed orders

Some waited for two months but were still unsure of their order's status.

Mandy How | January 05, 2022, 05:15 PM

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Celeb-founded e-commerce platform Mdada has run into a spot of trouble.

The company, which reported S$3.9 million in livestream sales over two months last year, appeared to have had trouble delivering certain goods from its Europe sales.

Did not receive Christmas gift on time

A tip-off by a Mothership reader on Dec. 28 revealed that there have been multiple complaints on Mdada and its offshoot, MLux by Mdada.

The main issues highlighted by the reader were lack of order fulfilment, as well as unsatisfactory follow-up service where customers were allegedly pushed from one person to another.

Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) ran a report on Dec. 30, detailing the experiences of two customers who have waited two months for their orders to arrive, but to no avail.

One of them, a saleswoman named Huang, had ordered a wallet for S$535, and a top for S$128 on Oct. 31, 2021.

While Mdada initially told her that shipping would be delayed, they later informed the customer that her purchase might not have been made from the store and that they would place an order for her.

She eventually requested a refund after the e-commerce platform was unable to confirm whether her wallet had been ordered. The refund was granted.

However, at the time of SMDN's article, the customer remains unsure about the status of her top.

The second customer had ordered a pair of S$108 shoes for Christmas but did not receive it in time. Her request for a refund was then declined.

Pornsak apologises

On the same day (Dec. 30), Mdada announced that COO (Chief Operating Officer) Addy Lee will be holding a livestream to address the complaints.

Lee, who is a celebrity hairstylist, founded the company with host Pornsak and actress Michelle Chia.

Photo via Mdada

The COO explained that they had run into logistical issues caused by the pandemic, which resulted in delayed goods.

"I've not made any money at all from the entire [Europe] trip. But viewership is important, that's how I earn. When we have high viewership, the advertisers will come knocking. [...] Shoppers, I have not profited a single cent from your buys."

In fact, Lee said that they have been making a loss from not calculating the admin fee and GST, totalling to 12 per cent, for some customers.

Overall, the trip has also been a loss for them.

During the session, the hairstylist reiterated their policy of having a delivery timeline of 40 working days.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Pornsak, who also joined the livestream, apologised to the customers and added that the team is now entirely focused on shipping out orders.

Screenshot via Mdada达达开播/Facebook

Screenshot via Mdada达达开播/Facebook

The host assured everyone that they have not scrimped on shipping partners at all, and promised to do better in the future.

Commenters were quite split: some continued to criticise the company, but others expressed their understanding of the situation.

The rest continued to ask about their purchases:

Mdada's statement

In response to queries from Mothership, Mdada said that all overdue orders will reach by Feb. 15.

The company added that all food items that can no longer be consumed will be refunded, while customers will receive a weekly update on their orders' delivery status.

You can read their statement in full here:

"As a result of the pandemic, shipments of the purchases were delayed. In order to fulfil our delivery promises, we are constantly working with the logistic suppliers to resolve the issue and have also had a Live! meeting to address all concerns. All overdue orders will reach by 15 February.

Our next steps include the following:

- All food items that are no longer consumable will be refunded.

- Customers will be updated weekly on the shipping delivery status.

We are thankful for the understanding of our supporters. We are now more experienced and equipped to handle such unforeseen circumstances, and will strive to provide better service in future."

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Top image via Mdada达达开播/Facebook