P1 student saves pocket money to buy popcorn chicken for family, mum Bong QiuQiu super appreciative

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Fasiha Nazren | January 19, 2022, 11:29 AM

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Most students in primary school would look forward to spending their pocket money on snacks or at the school bookshop.

A handful of children would spend their pocket money on the same items, but for their loved ones instead.

This includes Meredith Tan, the daughter of local influencer Ang Qiu Ting, also known as @bongqiuqiu.

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In social media posts on Jan. 17, the influencer commemorated the time Tan bought her a snack from the school canteen using her own pocket money.

According to QiuQiu, the Primary 1 student had been telling her mother about the "awesome" chicken skin that she got from the school canteen.

She even said that she will get it for her parents one day when she has saved enough money.

Popcorn chicken for parents to share

Last Friday (Jan. 14), when QiuQiu picked Tan up from school, the eager girl told her mother that she had a surprise.

"Oh u gonna love it so much," the influencer quoted her daughter.

The surprise? A small packet of popcorn chicken (previously mistaken for chicken skin) that Tan had been raving about.

As promised, the student had bought the snack for her parents, as well as her auntie, to share.

"[...] I'm so touched and happy," QiuQiu wrote. "It's the first actual thing she bought for us with money out of her pocket."

Photo from QiuQiu on Facebook.

Taste doesn't matter

However, after taking a piece for herself, the Primary 1 student was a little disappointed.

"It taste nicer just now, now so long already it's not crispy anymore," Tan told her mother.

The taste, however, didn't matter to QiuQiu.

"I say it's okay, I'm so happy ❤️"


You can see QiuQiu's post here.

Top image from @bongqiuqiu on Instagram.

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