Man, 47, jailed 3 years after attempting to rape colleague's wife who was drugged by her own husband

The case is part of a broader wife-sharing sex crime involving seven men in total.

Zi Shan Kow | January 15, 2022, 12:00 PM

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A man was invited into his colleague's home in the middle of the night to watch him and his unconscious wife have sex without her consent.

When the husband was unable to get an erection, he asked the man to have sex with her. The man was unsuccessful as he was also unable to get an erection.

The 47-year-old man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years' jail on Jan. 13.

He was convicted on one charge of abetment by conspiracy to commit rape, while a remaining charge of outrage of modesty was taken into consideration.

The 48-year-old woman has been married to her husband for 28 years. They also have three children of school-going age.

As the 47-year-old man and the victim's husband cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, we will refer the husband as John in this article.

Discussed sexual fantasies for two years

According to court documents, the 47-year-old accused first met John around 2010 at work and they eventually became close.

As early as 2015, John started to share details of his sex life with the accused, and told him about his wife-sharing fantasies of watching another man have sex with his wife.

The man broached the idea of him having sex with John's wife, and John did not object to this.

Then on the night of Aug. 31 2017, John told the accused that his wife was "ready". However, John did not seek consent from her.

The accused agreed to go to his place to watch John and his wife have sex, and did not ask if she had consented.

John drugged his wife and watched

John had given his wife alcohol and an unknown drug, purportedly a sex enhancement drug, in order to make her fall asleep.

His wife was lying unconscious on the bed, naked and blindfolded when the accused was let into the bedroom by John at around midnight.

The accused stood by the bedroom door while John fondled her.

John was unable to get an erection and signalled the accused to have sex with his wife like they previously discussed.

The accused got undressed, kissing her lips and vagina while John stood by the bed, watching.

The accused then attempted to rape John's wife without a condom for 30 to 45 seconds.

However, he did not successfully penetrate her as he was unable to get an erection.

A physical examination later revealed that the accused was predisposed to erectile dysfunction.

The wife confronted the accused

During this time, John's wife started to regain consciousness and tried to remove the blindfold when she realised a stranger was trying to have sex with her.

John told the accused to leave and he fled the house.

While all this was happening, John’s children and domestic helper were sleeping in another room.

Later, the wife confronted the accused and insisted both him and John write confession letters.

In his letter written a few days after the act, the accused said that he was in the house for a total of five to eight minutes.

He wrote that he was informed by John that "all was ok" but found out later that "she didn't know and she was unconscious".

"An appalling case"

The defence asked for a lighter sentence for the accused, saying that it was John who was "planning the whole thing", while his client "went along for the ride", reported CNA.

The prosecutor said that the case was "appalling", with "clear" premeditation between the accused and John.

He noted that the accused was a "recalcitrant sexual offender", citing his "similar perverse antecedents".

In 2018, he had been convicted with four charges of voyeurism, three charges of transmitting obscene images, and two charges under the Films Act. He was given 12 weeks' jail and fined S$20,000.

According to Today Online, Justice Aedit Abdullah said that the offence had occurred within the “sanctity of the victim's home”, which should have been a safe space for her.

He added that the accused also exposed the victim to the risk of sexual disease and pregnancy.

Part of a string of wife-sharing sex crimes

The offence was only discovered when a male acquaintance of John was arrested after the acquaintance's wife lodged a police report. She had found explicit photos of herself on her husband's phone.

She had suspected that her husband and others had committed sexual offences against her.

John was then identified as one of his accomplices, and his arrest on Jan. 10 led to the discovery of the accused's involvement.

According to CNA, this is one of seven men involved in a broader scheme of wife-sharing that resulted in alleged sex crimes.

Four men, including John, will be pleading guilty to their offences next month.

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