Young M'sian boy wins praise for helping out in flood relief efforts

Regardless of age.

Faris Alfiq | January 02, 2022, 02:27 PM

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The recent massive floods in several parts of Malaysia showed the people's resilience and tenacity in overcoming a crisis.

There have been reports of people from different backgrounds coming together to lend a helping hand to the victims.

"Age is not a barrier"

A Twitter user, @nurassyaheera, uploaded several photos to show that the volunteers were not only from different races and religions, but in this case, age as well.

The user tweeted several photos of a young boy, clad in a red t-shirt, presumably the volunteer group's uniform, and yellow rubber boots, along with the caption: "Age is not a barrier. Kudos to the youngest volunteer".

The tweet, posted on Dec. 28, has garnered more than 6,000 retweets and more than 14,000 likes at the time of writing.

In one of the photos, he was seen using a shovel scooping mud from the flood-stricken area.

According to World of Buzz, the Twitter user clarified that the boy is a friend's nephew who initially posted the photos on Facebook.

Netizens praised his volunteer spirit

The boy's spirit of volunteering won praises from netizens.

A Twitter user, @Sepeett1, hoped that the boy would be a role model for his friends.

"I hope that you will be a role model to your friends so they would follow the good deeds you are doing. My children say that you are great. I hope that the volunteers there carry out their effort smoothly and hope that the victims of the flood will be protected," the user wrote.

Another user praised the boy's parents, saying that a "good child come[s] from very good parents."

Another Twitter user, @_JannahKhalid, even asked for parenting tips from the boy's parents.

"Whenever I look at children like this, I often ask, how were the children brought up by the family? Anyone can give me tips on how to be a parent?" The user asked.

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