Domestic worker, 33, jailed 17 months for filming & sharing videos of naked S'pore elderly man in shower

The elderly male's genitals could be seen in some of the videos.

Fiona Tan | January 28, 2022, 02:55 PM

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The 33-year-old foreign domestic worker who shared the videos she had filmed of a physically infirm elderly man, 74, was sentenced to 17 months' jail on Jan. 27.

Helped the elderly male shower and repeatedly filmed him

According to court documents seen by Mothership, the Indonesian foreign domestic worker was hired on Feb. 1, 2020 to provide assistive care to the elderly man and help out with household chores.

Due to his multiple brain abscesses, "very poor vision", and other medical conditions, the elderly man had difficulties completing simple day-to-day tasks and the foreign domestic worker would assist the elderly man in these tasks.

This included helping him brush his teeth and take a shower, and it was during these private and intimate moments when the foreign domestic worker recorded seven videos of the elderly male victim.

One of these videos was filmed sometime in February 2020, when the foreign domestic worker was helping the victim take a shower while he sat on the toilet bowl.

Her phone's camera was recording and intentionally placed in a manner to fully capture the victim's face and naked body within the frame.

The victim's genitals were also caught in the video when he stood up from the toilet bowl.

The foreign domestic worker sent the 9-minute-5-second video to an unknown party through WhatsApp.

She filmed the victim again using the TikTok mobile application while she was helping him shower and shave in January 2021.

The 58-second video was uploaded onto the social media platform, but was subsequently deleted after it was met with some negative comments.

The foreign domestic worker did not delete the video from her phone, according to court documents seen by Mothership.

The foreign domestic worker can be seen looking straight into the camera and smiling in both of these videos, which were taken without the knowledge or consent of the victim.

For the remaining five videos, three showed the victim's genitals, and four were shared with other parties through WhatsApp, according to CNA.

One of these videos in particular was reposted onto the SG Dirty Fella Facebook page, where it went viral shortly after and amassed more than 14,000 views, 90 comments and 157 reactions by Jun. 15, 2021.

Despite the fact that the victim was blurred in the widely circulated video, the victim's son, who was the foreign domestic worker's employer, came across the video on Facebook on Jan. 3.

This was when he discovered the foreign domestic worker's actions and filed a police report.

The foreign domestic worker's phone was seized for investigations and she was arrested on Oct. 13, 2021.

Pleaded guilty and sentenced to 17 months jail

A gag order was imposed to protect the victim's identity, where him and his son cannot be named. The foreign domestic worker's name was also removed from court documents seen by Mothership.

According to Today, the foreign domestic worker was legally unrepresented in court.

She pleaded guilty to four charges relating to recording and distributing the videos without the victim's consent on Jan. 27, the latter of which she knew would result in humiliation for the victim.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Foong Ke Hui sought for a sentence of at least 18 months as the foreign domestic worker had committed the offences while she was well aware that the victim was in a vulnerable position. This increased the severity of her offences.

The victim was also unsuspecting as the offences took place in the safety of his own home, a place where he would "least expect" to have his privacy intruded and modesty violated.

Court documents seen by Mothership also detailed that the victim was also unable to retaliate or defend himself as he was physically infirm.

As there were multiple videos, Foong added that the foreign domestic worker's actions were not simply a "one-time mistake" and had broken the trust of the victim, who she was entrusted to care for, and that of his family members.

The foreign domestic worker pleaded for the judge’s leniency, and said she was her family's sole breadwinner and wished to return home as she has been in Singapore for a long time.

Nine other charges were taken into consideration during her sentencing, where District Judge Ng Peng Hong said he considered all the mitigating factors, including the fact that she had pleaded guilty early, and deterrence was key.

Those convicted of voyeurism against a vulnerable victim may be sentenced to an imprisonment term of up to four years, caned, or fined while those convicted of distributing intimate recordings of a vulnerable victim may be sentenced to an imprisonment term of up to 10 years, caned, or fined.

However, the foreign domestic worker cannot be caned as she is a woman.

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