Woman in China spends 1 month in blind date's home due to lockdown, now they're getting engaged

A pandemic love story.

Jean Chien Tay | January 19, 2022, 03:12 PM

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A Chinese woman has announced that she's getting engaged to her blind date after spending a month together under lockdown, according to Chinese state-controlled media Global Times (GT).

Zhao Xiaoqing, 28, travelled 140km to the city of Xianyang in Shaanxi Province in mid-December to visit her date and his parents, only to find herself stuck in the city after a snap lockdown was called.

About a week ago, another woman went viral on social media for documenting her life in lockdown with her blind date in Zhengzhou.

Wasn't very interested at first

Zhao said she first met her date in early December last year, when he visited her in her hometown of Baoji, also in Shaanxi Province.

Prior to that, she said she wasn't very interested in her date when she saw his photo, but after meeting him, she felt he was more handsome in person.

"I was going to visit his parents and head home. I didn't plan to stay over. It's not so good to stay at his place because it's quite awkward after all," Zhao told Chinese media Jimu News.

She was forced to stay at her date's place as Xianyang went into lockdown.

Zhao said she felt awkward at first, but she "slowly got used to it" as her date's family was very "easygoing".

Parents were anxious about her relationship status

According to Jimu News, Zhao was working in Shanghai previously, and had resigned in October 2020 to start her own business of growing apples in her hometown.

She said her parents were "anxious" about her relationship status as she was "getting old" and introduced a few potential candidates to her.

She claimed she did not want to think about getting into a relationship at that time because her career was still "unstable".

Zhao only began treating the matter seriously later on, adding that this blind date was not the first that she went on.

Date's parents pushed them to settle down after a week

A week into her "stayover", her date's parents began pushing the both of them to settle down, Jimu News reported.

Zhao did not agree to it as she felt it was too rushed.

After 20 days of living together with her date, however, Zhao and her blind date got into a relationship after finding that they had many things in common.

Zhao added that she was "very touched" that her date would accompany her when she was selling her apples on livestreams, no matter how late it got.

"[...] We plan to get engaged after the lockdown ends, (I) guess it will be around the Lunar New Year," she said.

As for their future plans, the couple is looking to start an online business selling apples.

13 cases in 40 days

The province of Shaanxi registered 2,077 cases of Covid-19 infections in 40 days, GT reported.

Xianyang, the city where the couple is located, only accounted for 13 of those.

China has consistently pursued a "zero-Covid" policy, implementing strict border restrictions, targeted lockdowns, and lengthy quarantines.

The country is also preparing for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics and the busiest travel season, the Lunar New Year.

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Top image via Jimu News/Weibo