Li Chun 2022 falls on Feb. 4, here are the auspicious timings for each zodiac to deposit money


Mandy How | January 19, 2022, 05:35 PM

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Li Chun signifies the beginning of spring on the Chinese calendar.

For the past few years, the date has hovered around Feb. 3 or 4, and this year is no exception.

Feb. 4, at 4:42am, which is the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, marks the precise date for 2022.

Other than the start of a season, Li Chun is also seen as an auspicious date to deposit money, for those who believe in feng shui.

The exact time frames, however, differ for each zodiac.

Here are some charts by various feng shui companies that may or may not be in conflict with one another:

Via Fengshui Beginner

Via Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui Consultancy

Via Way Fengshui Group

Another thing to queue for:

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Top image by Martino Tan