Lee Suet Fern sews fabric handbag, husband Lee Hsien Yang gives her work a shoutout

She made the bag at a workshop conducted by local craft company Sing Mui Heng.

Nigel Chua | January 18, 2022, 06:49 PM

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Corporate lawyer Lee Suet Fern has some free time on her hands, and is quite good at making handicrafts, including working with fabrics.

Her quilting skill has been noted, not only by her husband Lee Hsien Yang, but also at a Japanese quilt festival in 2019:

Her latest creation — a doctor's bag — was displayed for all of social media to admire, in a Jan. 18 Facebook post by Hsien Yang.

Suet Fern also posted photos of her latest creation on Instagram, where she has been documenting her handiwork.

Her repertoire includes dresses and other pieces of clothing, pieces of embroidery, and even a bow tie and pocket squares for one of her sons, for a private event.

She also revealed — in reply to a question on one of her posts — that Hsien Yang was her photographer.

Bag made at workshop

She made the bag at a workshop conducted by local craft company Sing Mui Heng — possibly over the weekend.

In the post's caption, she touted the benefits of fabric bags, such as their lightweight quality, and said that making one's own bag took these to "a completely different level".

She also said that the fabric used for the bag was "an old piece of beautiful thick Japanese cotton canvas" that she "hoarded for years".

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She also wrote about how the bag could open while standing, so that its contents were "fully visible and accessible", and said she would be bringing her "brand new bag" to dinner.

Suet Fern, a high-profile corporate lawyer, was handed a 15-month suspension in Nov. 2020 from practising law over her handling of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's will.

According to her profile on her firm's website, she is currently on a leave of absence.

Reactions to the bag

Over on Hsien Yang's post, commenters suggested that there would be commercial demand if she decided to sell the bags.

It's not clear whether Suet Fern attended the bag workshop with this in mind, but her post did say she would be making more bags with different fabric in the future.

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