Japanese midfielder for Tampines Rovers spends Sunday morning picking up rubbish around Tampines

He really loves Singapore apparently.

Fiona Tan | January 30, 2022, 08:06 PM

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With just two days a week, weekends are a precious commodity.

The downtime is typically spent catching up with friends, participating in recreational hobbies, or simply resting to recharge for the work week ahead.

For 25-year-old Japanese footballer Kyoga Nakamura, however, it seems like his preferred form of leisure on a Sunday morning is to pick up rubbish whilst on a super casual walk about Tampines.

Image from Kyoga Nakamura/Facebook.

Really loves football, and Singapore

If his name doesn't ring a bell, Nakamura is a midfielder for the Tampines Rovers' football club, and a familiar name for avid fans of local football.

He was recently awarded what was possibly the longest contract extension in the history of Singapore Premiere League.

Image from Tampines Rovers Football Club/Facebook.

Besides being a great football player, Nakamura really loves Singapore, and professed his love for the country in an interview with the Straits Times:

"I want to stay in Singapore because I love Singapore and I love Tampines Rovers. This is my second home and I want to grow together with Singapore football. I would love to be a Singaporean citizen because I love this county so much."

In fact, his love for Singapore runs so deep that it perhaps spurred him to walk around picking up rubbish on a bright and sunny Sunday morning as a way of showing his "gratitude" for the opportunity to live in Singapore.

Spent two hours picking up litter

Nakamura was joined by another Japanese friend and Tampines resident Kenji Naito, and what appears to be Naito's family members in tow.

Together, the party spent two hours picking up trash around Nakamura's "home stadium", Our Tampines Hub, and amassed five full grocery bags worth of litter.

Image from Kyoga Nakamura/Facebook.

Along the way, Nakamura said the party received words of praise and gratitude from the passersby.

He described the morning as a pleasant one, and concluded his Facebook post with a hope for people to not litter.

You can read his Facebook post below:

Other civil minded individuals

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Top image from Kyoga Nakamura/Facebook