Former Caldecott Broadcast Centre to be redeveloped to at least 15 Good Class Bungalows

There are also plans to include a new public park on the site.

Ashley Tan | January 20, 2022, 03:01 PM

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The site of the former Caldecott Broadcast Centre at Andrew Road, nestled at the heart of the Caldecott Hill Good Class Bungalow (GCB) area, will soon be redeveloped into 15 GCBs of varying land sizes.

The news was from a November 2021 internal circular to residents from the Urban Redevelopment Authority, EdgeProp reported.

The current developer-owner of the former Caldecott Broadcast Centre site, Perennial Holdings, had invited residents to a sharing session on their development plans for the site.

GCBs to be rolled out in 2022

According to EdgeProp, Perennial Holdings proposed redeveloping the site to 15 GCBs, with sizes ranging from 1,400 sqm to 23,300 sqm.

Although the larger plots of land might be subdivided in the future, the minimum land size will remain at 1,400 sqm, as per URA's prevailing guidelines for GCBs.

The number of GCBs on the site will be capped at a maximum of 26.

Perennial Holdings plans to carry out road enhancement works to Andrew, John and Olive Roads to widen the vehicle carriageways, as well as build new planting strips and pedestrian pathways, reported EdgeProp.

A new public park will also be included within the site.

Perennial Holdings is expected to roll out the new 99-year leasehold GCBs on the site in late 2022.

In response to Mothership's queries, Perennial Holdings said that they are still in the planning phase and "are not ready to provide details".

"We will make available an official statement via a press release at the appropriate time," they said.

Used to be Mediacorp's site of operations

The former Caldecott Broadcast Centre served as the site for Mediacorp's operations for 63 years until the company moved to its new location at One-North in 2015.

The tender for the 69,864 sqm site was won in 2020 by the Perennial Holdings and its Chairman Kuok Khoon Hong, with a bid of S$280.9 million.

Kuok is also the cofounder of palm oil company Wilmar International.

According to Forbes, he has a net worth of US$3.4 billion (S$4.58 billion), and was the 12th richest man in Singapore in 2021.

A 2,176 sqm GCB in the Caldecott Hill Estate is currently owned by Secretlab co-founder Ian Ang.

The 29-year-old forked out S$36 million — a record amount for a GCB in the Caldecott area — alongside a S$15 million penthouse at Leedon Residence.

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Top photo from CBRE