Mahjong-themed CNY snacks by ChangHoSek S'pore comes with giant 'huat' tote

Extra big huat.

Mandy How | January 12, 2022, 04:13 PM

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If you're looking for snacks that double up as a cute display, ChangHoSek's line-up might suit you.

For Chinese New Year 2022, the bakery's range of cookies, bakes and crisps are presented in the form of mahjong tile combinations.

Choose from six sets, or if you can't decide, there's the 13 Wonders Snack Pack.

The items are also available for individual purchases.

Here's a look at some of the sets:

1. Big Four Blessings (S$72.80)

Photo via ChangHoSek

This set features traditional love letters, pandan love letters, arrowhead chips, and salted egg chips.

The four "winds" are reflected on the plastic containers.

2. Longevity Trio (S$60.80)

Photo via ChangHoSek

The 999 bundle consists of butter cookies, almond cookies, and gourmet spiced nuts (macadamia, pecan, walnuts, cashew, and almonds).

The ninth tile of each suit is used here as a Chinese pun on "jiu", which means both the number nine and "for a long time" (i.e. longevity).

3. Scholars Trio (S$52.80)

Photo via ChangHoSek

The trio is made up of Green Pea Cookies, Prawn Rolls, and Kueh Bangkit.

The tiles denote a rare winning combination in mahjong, the Da San Yuan.

4. 13 Wonders Chocolate Set (S$34.80)

Photo via ChangHoSek

These are chocolate tiles made of almond gianduja (chocolate spread with hazelnut paste) with wafer crisp, coated in white chocolate.

The 13 Wonders is another rare winning hand that immediately grants the player maximum fold (man tai).

5. 13 Wonders Set (S$238.80)

Photo via ChangHoSek

The 13 Wonders Set includes all the flavours of the new year, which is also four different sets combined.

Each set comes with 13 snacks packed in a giant "huat" tote bag:

  • Green Pea Cookies (V)
  • Prawn Roll
  • Kueh Bangkit
  • Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie
  • Cheese Cookie
  • Peanut Cookies (V)
  • Gourmet Spiced Nuts
  • Butter Cookies
  • Almond Cookies (V)
  • Original Love Letters
  • Arrow Chips
  • Pandan Love Letters
  • Salted Egg Potato Chips

Note: (V) = suitable for vegans.

Photo via ChangHoSek

All prices here are sale prices. You can browse the full range of products here.

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Top image via ChangHoSek