Wang Leehom's ex-label mate thanks fate she didn't end up marrying him, commenters ask who she is


Mandy How | December 23, 2021, 05:36 PM

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A Taiwanese artiste is giving thanks for not having ended up with Wang Leehom.

Her Facebook post, written shortly after the scandal erupted, has attracted more than 6,200 comments.

The artiste in question is Zhang Qilun, whom little is known about.

Taiwanese media have noted that she is relatively low profile, with some naming her as an actress or singer.

Zhang said she was once label mates with Wang in Sony Music, when he was 22 and she was 16.

Photo via 張綺倫/Facebook

She was a newcomer to the company, and Wang had also just joined.

The timeline tallies with Wang's discography history, as he had released his breakthrough album "Revolution" in 1998 under Sony.

The album won Wang his first Golden Melody Award, and Zhang recalled being "very happy" for him then.

Zhang claimed that Wang had allegedly brought her backstage to "have fun" after his performance, even saying that he would write a song for her.

She added:

"Thankfully, we weren't fated

Thankfully, my current husband is 10 million times better than you are

While you went from being an idol to a scumbag

May you be well from now on! Take care 🙏"

However, some online users have mocked Zhang, asking her who she is, and if Wang would even want to marry her in the first place.

More snarky comments were left by others, who said she was making use of the scandal to be relevant.

You can view Zhang's post here:

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