New food park at Expo to be powered solely by solar energy & food digester, will have EV chargers

It is touted as a sustainable food park.

Ashley Tan | December 03, 2021, 04:28 PM

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Timbre+ Eastside opened at Expo on Nov. 27.

With 2,000sqm of space, the food park will feature 21 F&B concepts, a kerbside drive-thru, playground, a cycling pitstop and a book swop corner.

It is currently in its first phase, with 13 stalls opened and offering a variety of cuisines.

Photo from Timbre+ Eastside

Using cleaner energy

Timbre+ Eastside is also touted as a sustainable food park, and was "designed with sustainability in mind".

The food park will use solely renewable energy, including energy generated from solar panels at the Singapore Expo.

In the upcoming Phase 2 of the food park's operation, chargers for electric vehicles (EV) will also be installed so diners can park their EVs and pop by for food.

There will also be an on-site food digester to compost food waste produced at Timbre+ Eastside.

The power generated by the food digester will eventually be used to power the food park.

Community initiatives

Aside from sustainable features, Timbre+ Eastside will also be host to several sustainable community initiatives.

Donate reusable bags

One of these if the Gift-It-Bag programme which aims to reduce plastic bag waste, where diners can donate their washable and reusable bags.

The bags will be washed and then presented for collection at the Gift-It-Bag booth.

Diners are encouraged to grab a free reusable bag from the booth to takeaway their food in.

Photo from Timbre+ Eastside

Buy mini hydroponic systems

The Bottle Shop at the food park, which sells beers, ciders and other spirits, will also be selling modular lego-like hydroponic systems from One Kind Block.

One Kind Block was started by 18-year-old Dylan Soh, who hopes to make cities greener through urban farming.

Two boxes of blocks, which includes six blocks, will cost S$60.

Photo from One Kind Block

Several One Kind Block modular blocks are also being used around Timbre+ Eastside's playground feature.

The blocks are used to grow vegetables, which are harvested and used as cocktail garnishes and cooking ingredients.

Swop old books

There will also be a book swop corner at the food park.

Diners are encouraged to donate old books, and take a book for themselves. This helps to reduce book waste and encourage reading.

Photo from Timbre+ Eastside

Address: 1 Expo Drive, Outside Singapore Expo Hall 5, Singapore 486150

Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm, daily. Individual stall timings vary.

Top photo from Timbre+ Eastside