I tried following an expert-recommended oral health routine for a week & (mostly) succeeded

I hope my dentist is proud of me.

Jane Zhang | December 09, 2021, 05:00 PM

So, I was asked by my business team colleague to spend one week following an expert-recommended oral hygiene routine, using an array of Systema products, including the Systema Sonic Brilliant Black Toothbrush.

For the record, I’m the kind of person who, when my dentist tells me that I need to floss more often, I promise that I will, and then proceed to go home and floss two nights in a row before immediately falling off the wagon. (Sound familiar?)

But it all changed about two years ago, when I went to my dentist and was told that if I continued not to floss, I could develop gingivitis — a common and mild form of gum disease — which could then develop into periodontitis, an irreversible inflammation of the gums around the teeth.

For some reason, that was just the wakeup call I needed to get down to business and actually start flossing regularly. In the two years since then, I’m proud to say that I still floss regularly.

...But I also definitely admit that sometimes I still slip up. Especially after a long day, when I start falling asleep while scrolling through my phone, the inertia is just too much and I cannot bring myself to even brush my teeth (gross, I know, but anyone who says they never do this is lying), much less floss.

Following an expert-recommended routine

An external push factor to hold me to my tooth-brushing and flossing habits is greatly appreciated, so I turned to the Singapore Dental Health Foundation (SDHF) to see what their recommendations are, for oral health.

Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day

I was already brushing my teeth every day, so this wasn’t too difficult. The only challenge was ensuring that I brushed every night rather than falling asleep before I had a chance to do so, which worked… for the most part.

Okay, I admit there was a night or two where I fell asleep, but I made sure to brush extra well the next morning.

I also paid more attention to making sure I didn’t rush, and devoted a full two minutes to thoroughly brushing my teeth.

For most of my life, I’ve just used whatever manual toothbrush I can get my hands on for cheap. I briefly considered getting an electric toothbrush at one point upon my mother’s suggestion, but I didn’t feel it was worth the money, and I didn’t think it would make a big difference.

But since I’d been assigned to try out Systema products, I gave their electric toothbrush a shot because, hey, why not?

Systema’s Sonic Brilliant Black Toothbrush is a battery-operated toothbrush that uses “advanced sonic wave vibration” to clean your teeth. And the best thing is, it costs less than S$30.

Photo by Jane Zhang.

The toothbrush utilises Sonic Wave Vibrations at approximately 9,000 times per minute, which helps in removing plaque.

It comes in two variants: compact head and wide head. The new wide head toothbrush, which is the one that I got, has a 40 per cent wider brush head than the compact head, to allow for more coverage within the mouth.

I found that it was much wider and also softer than my usual manual toothbrush.

At first, it felt a bit strange, but as the week went on, I noticed that it felt like it covered more surface area when I brushed, which made it feel like I was cleaning my teeth more thoroughly.

Using dental products that contain fluoride, including toothpaste

The SDHF also recommended that people use dental products, such as toothpaste, that contain fluoride, which helps strengthen teeth and protect against cavities.

Systema’s gum care toothpaste was perfect for this, as it contains not only fluoride but also isopropyl methylphenol (IPMP), an anti-bacterial agent.

According to a laboratory test by Lion Corp, the company that owns Systema, the toothpaste was found to help kill 99.99 per cent of gum problem-causing bacteria.

I’m no scientist, but in my own experience, it left my teeth feeling nice and clean after each brush.

Photo by Jane Zhang.


And of course, there was my former mortal enemy: flossing.

In addition to brushing twice daily, the SDHF also recommended that people floss every day as well.

Now that I’ve become a bit of a flossing pro over the past two years, I wasn’t phased by this recommendation.

I used Systema’s 3D Expandable Floss, which was a bit thicker than the floss I typically use. This is because it is designed to expand (hence, the 3D part) by hydration in order to provide a better reach to some of the spaces between the teeth.

Here’s what the floss casing looks like. Photo by Jane Zhang.

And here’s how it works. Photo via Systema.

I don’t know what it is about flossing, but whenever I do it, I feel so good about myself. Like, wow, look at me adulting and taking care of my teeth. This week was no exception.

Fluoride mouthwash

Finally, the SDHF suggested using a fluoride mouthrinse if recommended by a dentist, in addition to the daily brushing and flossing.

Mouthwash isn’t something that I typically use, so I tried to get into the habit of using the Systema gum care mouthwash more regularly over the course of the week.

Photo by Jane Zhang.

Systema Gum Care Mouthwash contains IPMP and GK2, which help kill bacteria and soothe gum discomforts, and is alcohol-free.

Gargling mouthwash definitely has a kick to it, so I didn’t do it twice a day. Instead, I tried to just do it once, either in the morning or evening, whenever I remembered.

Every time I did so, my mouth always felt very refreshed, so the kick was worth it.

A (mostly) successful week

After finishing my one week of SDHF’s recommended tooth-brushing, flossing, and mouthwash routine, I consider it a success.

Okay, so maybe I missed out on a night or two of brushing and flossing, but I got into a better habit of using mouthwash more regularly. And what made the big difference was switching from a regular, manual toothbrush to an electric one.

Although I had always thought that electric toothbrushes — such as the Systema Sonic Brilliant Black Toothbrush — cost quite a bit, it turns out that it actually sells for only S$29.90.

And even better, it is currently selling at only S$22.40 at selected supermarkets, retail outlets, and LION Official Store on Lazmall and Shopee.

The toothbrush in its packaging. Photo by Jane Zhang.

The offer is available while stocks last, for a limited time only, and the period depends on individual outlets.

As for me, I’m definitely planning to continue this expert-recommended oral routine, and hopefully, I’ll make my dentist proud.

This sponsored article is brought to you by Systema.

Top photos by Jane Zhang.