Abandoned, emaciated pug is now adopted, described to be 'a young boy in an old man's body'

The pug is almost 11 years old but remains young at heart.

Zi Shan Kow | December 09, 2021, 09:50 AM

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A wandering dog that was rescued by a passer-by has now moved in with an adopter, after being well-cared for by his fosterers.

The dog, named Bobby, was found abandoned on the streets. He was extremely emaciated, and with very little fur left.

After taking Bobby in, animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) put out a call for adopters on Facebook on Nov. 26.

Good news is, it didn't take very long for Bobby to find a (hopefully) forever home.

A spunky dog

Bobby is now living with adopter Angela Mah for a two-week trial homestay to see if the environment is suitable for him.

Image courtesy of Angela Mah.

As a dog lover, Mah first learnt about Bobby's situation on Facebook and reached out to CDAS the day after their Facebook post was published.

Mah initially wanted to help with Bobby's medical expenses, but was informed that it had already been fully paid for.

Mah told Mothership that her 14-year-old Shih Tzu has just passed away on Nov. 19, and she expressed interest in adopting Bobby, a pug who is almost turning 11.

Having adopted six dogs in her life, one of which also suffered from a skin condition, Mah has been a dog owner for over 30 years.

After a few days with him, Mah described Bobby as spunky, like "a young boy in an old man's body".

"He found my previous dog's bed which I left next to my bed, and just happily curled himself there and went to sleep, snoring," she said.

Bobby on the dog bed that is now his. Image by Mah.

Condition improving

After a week at the fosterer's, Mah said that Bobby is already doing much better.

"There are early signs of his hair growing back, and his ribs are also less pronounced," she said.

Image by Mah.

While Bobby has gotten a few "funny looks" from strangers, Mah said that people warm up to him quickly, as he is very friendly to both humans and animals.

Though extremely food driven, Bobby is loving and enjoys staying close to her. "Like a cat," Mah described.

Bobby does extremely well on walks too.

On adopting a senior dog after experiencing a loss herself, Mah said that she tries to focus on the time she gets to spend with them:

"I think you should look at what you can make out of it, rather than the prospect of the loss. So I think it's about - hopefully, for the next four years - Bobby can get to enjoy his twilight years in comfort, and being well taken care of. I think that's what I can do for him."

Image by Mah.

On finding adopters

In response to Mothership's queries, CDAS shared that they had received "quite some enquiries" from interested adopters of Bobby.

CDAS narrowed down a suitable adopter based on his needs, personality and level of comfort with children and dogs.

While Bobby is a "very good boy", CDAS noted that his adopter will need to make conscientious efforts to treat his skin and help him to gain weight, as well as care for him financially since he is in his golden years.

CDAS told Mothership that pedigree dogs like Bobby typically receive a "very good response" from interested adopters, "even if they are senior, with skin issues, some behavioural issues or even chronic illnesses".

However, Singapore Specials "hardly have such luck".

They added that they wish "potential adopters would give Singapore Specials a chance too".

Top images by Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore and courtesy of Angela Mah.