Bloody fight at Serangoon Central started over a table: Wanbao

How did it end up like this?

Mandy How | December 08, 2021, 11:30 AM

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A six-second video of two grown-ass men going at each other in Serangoon Central was circulated online on Dec. 6:

Following the incident, both parties, who are 33 and 47 years old, were arrested for affray. 

Not much context was provided in the viral clip, but online users speculated that they heard something about the older man "touching" another person or object.

A trip by Lianhe Wanbao, however, appears to have solved the mystery: the fight had apparently started over a table.

A shopkeeper in his 70s told the Chinese daily that the ruckus began when the older man tried borrowing a table from the younger individual, who is a stall owner in the area.

However, as the owner was rushing off, he declined to lend the older man the table.

This reportedly angered the latter so much that he started spewing vulgarities and pointing his middle finger at the stall owner.

According to the witness, the older man even pushed to stall owner to the wall.

The stall owner allegedly lost his cool and decided to retaliate.

Unfortunately for the older man, his opponent sold tableware. Taking a porcelain bowl, the stall owner then allegedly smashed it over the older man's head, causing it bleed heavily.

Unwilling to back down, the older man apparently tried to attack the stall owner.

Both men refused to be conveyed to the hospital after the fight. Police investigations are ongoing.

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Top image via Patrick Tan/Facebook