PM Lee posts quick cut 2021 recap Instagram Reel with behind-the-scenes footage

Slick editing.

Nigel Chua | December 30, 2021, 04:47 PM

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The close of a year is often an opportune time for rest and reflection.

This is especially true in 2021, given the tumultuous and eventful year that people in Singapore have had.

It seems that even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is in a reflective mood, posting a recap video via Instagram Reels on Dec. 30.

The video features quick cuts of different engagements PM Lee had throughout the year, and starts off with bold text saying: "Here's how my 2021 went".

In his caption, PM Lee said that the Reel was "too brief to capture everything", such as his time spent with "Cabinet and parliamentary colleagues, public service leaders and their teams, business and community leaders".

Nonetheless, he saw it as "a fun reminder" of the events he attended in 2021.

"Despite the challenges, we have persevered and can look forward to the new year with quiet confidence and hope," he added.

The video was set to an audio clip by Instagram user @jrstit, which has been used in over 1,000 reels, mostly 2021 recaps as well.

The audio clip is a mash-up of two different songs, "Locked out of heaven" by Bruno Mars, and "Easy on me" by Adele.

The recap video included a scene with PM Lee drinking out of his iconic blue cup at the 2021 National Day Rally.

The cup is well-known among Singaporeans because of its appearance in his April 2020 address to the nation, and how it seemed to give its user the ability to speak in different languages.

Here are some of the other scenes captured in PM Lee's 19-second 2021 recap.

PM Lee getting vaccinated:

PM Lee at a Nasi Padang stall:

And inspecting some jackfruit at a market, along with South West District Mayor Low Yen Ling:

Getting hands on with some solar panels, along with Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu:

And planting a tree:

Here's PM Lee at the inauguration of Silat Road Sikh Temple:

Meeting Tokyo paralympics multi-gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu:

Meeting world leaders

Here's PM Lee greeting US Vice President Kamala Harris on her visit here:

PM Lee with Australian PM Scott Morrison at the Istana:

And PM Lee at a Welcome Ceremony at the Istana for Malaysia Prime Minister Ismail Sabri, after the two PMs witnessed the launch of the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) between Malaysia and Singapore:

Other events

Here's PM Lee at this year's National Day Observance Ceremony at the Istana:

At his visit to the 92-year-old underground Fort Canning Service Reservoir:

Including a number of events held over video conferencing as well:

PM Lee is no stranger to trying out new formats for his social media content, having posted slickly-edited short video clips on previous occasions this year.

You can see his recap reel here:

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