Old Chang Kee introduces bak kwa chicken puff, pineapple pie & tiger prawn ngo hiang from Jan. 3, 2022


Karen Lui | December 30, 2021, 03:32 PM

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Old Chang Kee is putting out three Chinese New Year offerings from Jan. 3, 2022, to Feb. 13, 2022.

The Dendeng Bak Kwa Chicken'O, Heng Heng Pineapple Pie, and Ha Ha Tiger Prawn OnStik.

Bak kwa chicken puff

The Dendeng Bak Kwa Chicken’O (S$2.60 each) is a savoury puff with "a hint of spicy sweetness" and is stamped with one of four auspicious Chinese words for extra huat-ness.

Photo by Old Chang Kee.

The hand-crimped pastry puff contains a dendeng bak kwa chicken meat filling.

The filling is made with halal-certified premium BBQ chicken meat marinated with spices to create chicken sliced dried meat.

Photo by Old Chang Kee.

These are what the four auspicious Chinese characters mean, according to Old Chang Kee:

  • 興 (xìng): Prosperous
  • 旺 (wàng): Flourishing
  • 發 (fā): Become rich and lucky
  • 财 (cái): Incoming wealth

Photo by Old Chang Kee.

Photo by Old Chang Kee.

Pineapple pie

If you love pineapple tarts, you might want to check out Old Chang Kee's new Heng Heng Pineapple Pie (S$1.60).

Photo by Old Chang Kee.

It is basically sweet pineapple fillings encased in a flaky epok-epok puff pastry.

In Hokkien dialect, pineapple is called "ong lai", which means "the arrival of fortune", making it one of the auspicious ingredients during Chinese New Year.

Photo by Old Chang Kee.

Tiger prawn ngoh hiang

Last but not least, Old Chang Kee's third festive product, Ha Ha Tiger Prawn OnStik (S$1.90 per piece), is here to welcome the Year of the Tiger.

Each skewer comes with two pieces of tiger prawn ngo hiang, which comprises minced tiger prawn, fish meat, water chestnut, spring onion, and other ingredients rolled inside a beancurd skin that is deep-fried until crispy golden.

Photo by Old Chang Kee.

In Cantonese dialect, the word for prawn is pronounced "ha", which sounds like laughter and thus symbolises happiness for the new year.

All three items are halal-certified and available at all outlets and delivery platforms, while stocks last for the day.

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