HK star Julian Cheung has been using the same make-up artist since his debut 30 years ago

His first album came out in 1991.

Mandy How | December 28, 2021, 11:11 AM

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Julian Cheung has surprised fans and fellow celebs with his long-standing relationship with Hetty, his make-up artist.

The 50-year-old singer and actor recently revealed on variety show "大湾仔的夜" ("Night in the Greater Bay") that he has been working with Hetty for the past 30 years.

Besides Cheung, "Night in the Greater Bay" also stars Jordan Chan, Michael Tse, Jerry Lamb, and Edmond Leung, with the five celebs coming together to run a Hong Kong style food stall in Guangzhou.

In one segment of the latest episode, the stars invited their make-up artists for a meal.

When asked how long she has been working for Cheung, Hetty jokingly replied "three years" in order not to give away Cheung's age.

Cheung then quipped, "Three years and another three years, and another three years, and another three years..."

The actor then got serious and said, "It's been about 30 years," as Hetty has been with him since his first album was released in 1991.

Screenshot via China HunanTV Official Channel/YouTube

Other cast members remarked on their long-standing relationship, implying that it's a rare thing for their industry.

As the conversation wore on, Cheung and Hetty bantered about their work dynamics, displaying their ease with each other.

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You can watch the episode here:

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Top image via China HunanTV Official Channel/YouTube, Julien Cheung's Instagram page