WP Jamus Lim breaks down cost of home-cooked meal in detail after some 'curiously incensed' by his food photos

Food looks good tbh.

Ashley Tan | December 15, 2021, 12:09 PM

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Workers' Party's (WP) Jamus Lim has occasionally been sharing snapshots of his home-cooked meals to his social media pages.

These photos are typically accompanied by small tidbits of information about himself or other interesting factoids.

It seems, however, that certain comments averse to his content have caused him to make some changes to the photo captions.

Full cost breakdown

Lim recently posted a photo of a Japanese-style meal he whipped up at home with rice and codfish.

He shared his surprise at coming across some inexpensive frozen cod, but unexpectedly ended off his caption with a rather lengthy post-script.

In it, he detailed the complete breakdown of the costs of all the ingredients used in the meal, right down to the spices like thyme and paprika (which costs around 16¢, by the way).

The meal — which can serve Lim, his wife, and his baby — costs an estimated S$28.01 in total.

The reason for his efforts? He said that some commenters "seem to get curiously incensed" by his food-related posts.

Here's the post-script in full:

"Postscript: Folks seem to get curiously incensed when I post about unfamiliar foods, so in the interest of full disclosure, here’s the cost breakdown of this meal (free recipe included): 2 pieces of cod ($6.50 per 200g piece, plus another 30 percent off!); 3 tbsp mirin ($0.50); 3 tbsp cooking sake ($0.61); 4 tbsp miso ($0.55), 2 tbsp sugar ($0.05); 1 tbsp canola oil ($0.07); 1 tsp dark sesame oil ($0.07); 2-inch piece of ginger, grated ($0.25) (marinade all that in an IKEA ziplock bag, $0.10, for at least 24 hours); 1 bunch broccolini ($5); 1.5 cups brown/wild blend ($2.60); 1 onion ($0.40); bay leaf, couple pinches dried thyme, paprika dusting ($0.16), you could shore in a handful of pine nuts if you’d like; vegetable broth ($7.20). Total: $28.01. You could shave another 7 bucks off if you use a vegetable bullion instead. Fed the 3 of us, plus baby (priceless), with leftovers."

"Curiously incensed" comments

If you're wondering about said "curiously incensed" viewers, here are some of the more negative reactions to a previous post he shared of a home-made charcuterie board.

One commenter, in particular, jibed that the foods like cheeses and nuts appeared to be "expensive food".

To which Lim responded that it was quite the contrary.

Other commenters pointed out that Lim should prioritise discussing other pertinent issues on his social media platform.

In response to one of the comments, Lim shared that the cost of the charcuterie board ended up being less than that of a zichar meal.

"Truly hard to be a politician"

Following his latest post, Facebook users sympathised with Lim's predicament, stating that he should be able to eat and post about whatever he wants without having to justify the costs to his audience.

Others also thanked him for the recipe and shared their own tips for budgeting their meals.

Nice, and hopefully we see more home-cooked food recipes from Lim.

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Top photo from Jamus Lim / FB