Breakfast in S'pore? Here's how to recreate iconic movie scenes with 1-for-1 GrabFood Blockbuster deals.

Harry Potter comes to life — 50 per cent discounts work magic for all, regardless muggles or wizards.

| Guan Zhen Tan | Sponsored | December 04, 2021, 04:20 PM

There are many iconic scenes in classic movies and shows, some of which my colleagues and I can recite with ease and perfect timing.

Through our many spirited conversations, I realise that there is something that aficionados often overlook when talking about movies - scenes involving food.

Of course, gunfights are fun, and the ever-improving CGI continues to amaze me every time, but it’s the on-screen gourmet that fascinates me.

I mean, I even googled the Big Kahuna Burger to find out if it really existed after watching Pulp Fiction.

And yes, I get angry whenever movie characters walk out on a table full of breakfast.

So when I received this brief, I had plenty of ideas.

I worked with a few colleagues who suggested some pretty interesting scenes we could recreate on a budget, and of course, the ever-convenient GrabFood, who is having their GrabFood Blockbuster Sale from now till Dec. 12 (thanks guys!).

Let’s get right into it.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly was staring at a jeweller’s window while eating a croissant and drinking coffee from a paper cup. She was pining after her dream diamonds, while I was, uh, wishing I had thicker hair so that the party tiara would look more obvious on my head.

Much of the look wasn’t expensive - it was recreated with props bought at Daiso and costume jewellery my colleague Melanie happened to have. Golightly didn’t have GrabFood nor Flash Coffee back in the day, but I would think she would enjoy their chocolatey Nutella Latte and their Pain au Chocolat pastry.

Want to get a taste of Golightly’s glamour? Flash Coffee is having a 1-for-1 promotion for their Nutella Latte for S$6.30 (UP: S$12.60) on GrabFood.

The Lady and the Tramp

Doing this was HARD. Instead of meatball spaghetti, we had aglio olio instead. As you might know, this meant that the dish had fresh chilli in it, so our mouths started to burn while posing for the shot.

My poor colleague Jonathan had to stuff a mouthful of spaghetti in his mouth to look more like Tramp, so he probably got out of this worse.

It was also very awkward, but probably because we aren’t two dogs, and I wasn’t the gorgeous beauty that is The Lady. 

0/10 not romantic at all, but will 10/10 recommend you get spaghetti to eat. Swensen’s is having 50 per cent off their Spaghetti Aglio Olio Meal at S$8.45 (UP: S$16.90), which comes with a soft drink too.

Eat Pray Love

Oh yes, everyone’s favourite movie about taking a sabbatical, eating good food and finding the love of your life.

I had access to neither a holiday nor the love of my life (if you see this, call me), but I could at least emulate Julia Roberts with a piece of Domino’s Hawaiian pizza, and a scrunched mouth.

Pardon me for not having her nice, voluminous hair; the only thing I have in common with her is our love for pizza.

Here’s how you too can have a relationship with your pizza: Domino’s is having a 50 per cent off promo on their Party Combo, with one regular pizza, one large pizza, one marbled cookie brownie and four cans of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar at S$45.15 (UP: S$90.30)

Harry Potter

When we were figuring out what scene would be best, we realised that even though fried chicken was iconic, finding an iconic scene was actually pretty challenging. Finally we managed to find one scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, where a young and precocious Ron Weasley gorges himself on chicken during the welcoming feast.

I roped in my colleague Jonathan’s help for this one. Him being rather natural, he easily got the expressions and the pose down, but was feeling rather conscious about his hair. “If I did a centre parting, I’d look horrible,” he said.

Thankfully, after some photoshop magic, Jonathan has never looked more like a Weasley in his life.

Without photoshop nor that red head, you can still feel like a Weasley by feasting like one. Popeye’s is having a 50 per cent off 6+4 Bundle, which includes six pieces of chicken, four tenders and two large mashed potatoes at S$20.90 (UP: S$41.80). 

So delicious, it’s magical.

Crazy Rich Asians

Arguably one of the more recognisable food scenes in recent memory, where Nick and Rachel grab dinner at Newton Food Centre with Nick’s best friend and financée.

Since we could only gather together for work purposes, we recreated the scene with several local eats using EAT.’s Lor Mee, Laksa, and A-One’s Crispy Pork Corn Rice. We also made use of other food items to fill up the table. Sorry, no Crazy Rich Asian to help us out here.

Fun fact, the white singlet that my colleague Andrew is wearing belongs to Jonathan’s (in yellow) grandfather. Thanks, Ah Gong.

Recreate your Crazy Rich Asian dinner here with A-One Signature’s 1-For-1 Crispy Pork Corn Rice for S$13.90 (UP: S$27.80) and this fantastic Blockbuster Set Bundle from EAT., which gives you one main dish (choose from Minced Meat Noodles, Lor Mee or Laksa) and one can of drink for S$5 (UP: S$10).

Left photo: Blockbuster Set Bundle from EAT., which gives you one main dish (choose from Minced Meat Noodles, Lor Mee or Laksa) and one can of drink for S$5; Right photo: A-One Signature’s 1-For-1 Crispy Pork Corn Rice

Recreating classic movie scenes doesn’t require a Hollywood budget, and neither does your next lunch nor dinner via GrabFood.

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This article is sponsored by Grab, which made this writer want to catch a movie while eating.