S'porean actor Desmond Tan engaged for 5 years & planned for overseas wedding before pandemic

15 close friends joined them at the wedding in France.

Karen Lui | December 08, 2021, 01:27 PM

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Singaporean actor Desmond Tan shared wedding pictures on his social media pages on Dec. 7 to announce that he has just been hitched to his university sweetheart of 12 years.

The romantic wedding was held at a castle in France.

Photo via Desmond Tan's Instagram page.

Proposed to wife 5 years ago

The 35-year-old has always been private about his personal relationships and told 8 Days last month (Nov. 2021) that he was neither married nor engaged but was dating someone.

In a more recent interview with 8 Days on Dec. 7, Tan clarified that he had been engaged for five years.

His then-girlfriend (now wife) had accepted his proposal in a National Park in the United States on a "quiet winter morning".

Tan's friend, Noah NW, identified the proposal venue as Yosemite National Park in California and suggested that the wedding was held in Laugnac in southwestern France.

Photo by @noahnaima on Instagram.

Long-awaited wedding in France

The Mediacorp actor told UWeekly that he had been wanting to have a wedding after his proposal five years ago. However, it had been delayed due to work commitments and the pandemic.

He disclosed that the couple had begun discussions about having a wedding overseas two to three years ago and did not expect the pandemic to foil their plans.

Nonetheless, being able to have a wedding witnessed by close friends in France, followed by a honeymoon, is a dream come true for him, he said.

Photo by @noahnaima on Instagram.

15 close friends of the couple flew to France and attended the wedding, 8 Days reported.

At the wedding, Tan had surprised his wife with a wedding song that he had wrote for her.

The newlyweds also invited their married friends to renew their vows during the event.

No banquet in the meantime

According to UWeekly, Tan and his wife had already registered their marriage and organised a small wedding reception in Singapore last month.

Photo by @noahnaima on Instagram.

The couple will return in mid-December but will not be organising a wedding banquet at this stage due to the pandemic.

In response to UWeekly's enquiries about his plans to have children, he said he would let nature take its course.

The actor had previously shared that three kids would be ideal.

Another reason why he decided to marry this year is his hope to have a child when he's not too old, he said.

Tan shared with CNA Lifestyle that the couple has been on a road trip in France and will continue travelling around the country for another week.

Photo by @noahnaima on Instagram.

Top images by @thedesmondtan and @noahnaima on Instagram.

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