Canberra residents turn corridor into Christmas wonderland

Walking into winter wonderland.

Fasiha Nazren | December 18, 2021, 03:17 PM

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Back in October, Singapore's Health Minister and Member of Parliament for Sembawang Ong Ye Kung shared his residents' decoration efforts over the Halloween period.

Now that Halloween is long over and Christmas is coming, some of the featured residents have transformed their corridor into a winter wonderland.

Consisting of four neighbours, these Canberra HDB residents worked together to decorate their corridors with more than just tinsels and treasures.

Here's a preview of how festive it looks from the void deck:

Photo from Mothership reader.

Featuring "Among Us" characters, Olaf and the Grinch

Upon reaching the corridor, one would be greeted with a "Merry X'mas" sign made of fairy lights, as well as an Olaf from "Frozen" chasing its head and some "Among Us" characters.

Photo from Mothership reader.

Photo from Mothership reader.

There's also a fireplace with stockings.

Photo from Mothership reader.

And of course, Santa going down the chimney.

Photo from Mothership reader.

Also, what's Christmas without a Christmas Tree and some presents underneath it?

Photo from Mothership reader.

Photo from Mothership reader.

There's another Christmas tree with more gifts surrounding it.

Photo from Mothership reader.

Took four weeks

Speaking to Mothership, one of the neighbours told us that it took them about four weeks to finish decorating their corridors, including wrapping around 100 boxes of presents.

They added that they they welcome members of the public to visit their corridor and bask in the Christmas spirit.

Top image from Mothership reader.

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