Woman in S'pore throws away late mum's jewellery by accident, giving reward for its return

The jewellery has seen the woman through many painful struggles, including her late mother's cancer journey.

Low Jia Ying | November 25, 2021, 12:53 PM

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A woman in Singapore has issued a public appeal for the return of her late mother's jewellery after misplacing them together with the rest of her recycling in mid-September this year.

The jewellery holds "utter sentimental value" to the woman, as it was a gift from her late mother and has seen the family through many important events, including her mother's cancer journey.

Placed jewellery with rest of recycling

On a mid-September morning this year, Angela Tan had left multiple bags of recyclable items on the doorstep of her flat at Block 219 at Toa Payoh Lorong 8.

However, Tan told Mothership it was only a few weeks later when she realised she had accidentally left a small bag containing the jewellery along with the rest of her recycling.

The small bag contained many necklaces, bracelets and rings, including a gold necklace and a diamond ring that her late mother would always wear.

Jewellery has sentimental value

Tan shared that the jewellery has "utter sentimental value" to her.

The jewellery was purchased by her late father as a gift to her mother.

Her mother then gave the jewellery to Tan before she passed away in February earlier this year so that Tan could still feel close to her mother.

When she was alive, Tan's mother would wear the items regularly as she wanted to feel close to her late husband — doing so made her feel like she was wearing "a piece of [her] dad".

Tan said that the jewellery pieces are precious to her, as they have seen the family through many "struggles, joyous adventures" and her mother's "painful cancer journey" before her passing.

Exhausted all other options

Tan told Mothership that she had made a police report in early October this year, hoping that CCTV footage could be reviewed to find out which recycling company had picked up her recycling.

She has not received any updates so far.

Tan has also tried many other methods to find her jewellery, such as calling the recycling companies that operate in her area, but none have reported seeing any jewellery.

While noting that the chances of recovering her precious jewellery are slim-to-none, she hopes that the jewellery will resurface if she makes a public appeal.

She is also offering a "handsome monetary reward" for anyone who manages to find and return the jewellery to her.

The full details can be seen in her post here.

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All photos via Angela Tan