S'pore to get heavy rain with below 23°C weather in first 2 weeks of Nov. 2021

Cause nothin' lasts forever, even cold November rain.

Belmont Lay | November 01, 2021, 06:29 PM

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Singapore can expect more wet days in the first two weeks of November 2021.

The monsoon rain band is forecast to remain over the equatorial Southeast Asia region.

During the period, afternoon thundery showers are forecast on most days, with the showers extending into the evening on a few of these days.

On a few days, widespread moderate to heavy thundery showers are expected due to large-scale convergence of winds over Singapore and the surrounding region.

There will also be widespread thundery showers and gusty winds on a few mornings due to the passage of Sumatra squalls.

Cooling weather

The total rainfall for the first half of November 2021 is forecast to be above average over most parts of the island.

The daily temperature on most days in the first two weeks of November 2021 is forecast to range between 24°C and 33°C.

The daily maximum temperature could still reach a high of around 34°C on a few days.

The wetter weather in the coming fortnight may bring relatively lower temperatures to the island on a few days, with daily maximum temperatures below 32°C and daily minimum temperatures below 23°C.

Previous month review

Previously, Singapore experienced more rain days in the second half of October 2021.

The highest daily total rainfall for October 2021 occurred on Oct. 31, when 84.8mm of rain fell around the Sentosa area in the afternoon.

But October 2021 was a warm month with daily maximum temperatures exceeded 34°C on 17 days.

The highest daily maximum temperature of 35.5°C was recorded at Marina Barrage on Oct. 12.

At the Changi climate station, the mean monthly temperature recorded in October 2021 was 28.5°C, which is 0.6°C higher than the long-term mean of 27.9°C for October.

Most parts of the island received slightly below-average rainfall in October 2021.

The highest anomaly of 40 per cent below average was recorded at Bishan.

The eastern part of Singapore was slightly wetter where 19 per cent above average rainfall was recorded around Simei.

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