S'pore taxi driver detours twice to return handphone & earpiece to forgetful passengers

The passenger said that the taxi driver's kind deeds made his "whole year".

Low Jia Ying | November 22, 2021, 09:02 PM

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A taxi driver in Singapore is being applauded for literally going the extra mile to return items left behind by two different passengers.

This was after he made two separate detours to return a handphone and an earpiece to his passengers.

One of his passengers recounted the taxi driver's kind deeds on Instagram page @sgfollowsall on Nov. 21.

Waited in rain to return previous passenger's phone

Upon entering the taxi, the passenger noticed a handphone in the car and notified the driver.

The driver "immediately knew" who the handphone belonged to and asked the passenger whether he would mind waiting while he drove to the previous passenger's house to return the phone.

"I agreed thinking it was very nice of him!", said the passenger.

When they arrived at the house, the handphone owner took a while to answer the door, but this did not faze the taxi driver.

He quickly got back to the taxi to take an umbrella while waiting for the owner to come out.

The driver stood in the rain while waiting for the owner to come out. Photo via @sgfollowsall/IG.

Passenger then left earpiece behind

After returning the handphone to its owner, the taxi driver continued on his way to the passenger's home.

But in a strange coincidence, the passenger realised after alighting that he had also left his earpiece behind.

He immediately contacted the driver. Without any hesitation, the driver then drove back to return his missing earpiece to him.

When the driver returned, the passenger said he was "so embarrassed and thankful at the same time" and wanted to pay the driver a small sum of money to compensate him for his troubles.

But the driver rejected the offer and told him it was "okay".

The experience moved the passenger, who said that the taxi driver demonstrated "patient and helpful character" and that his kind deeds made his "whole year".

Netizens commend driver's kindness

Netizens left comments praising the taxi driver for going out of his way to return the items.

Screenshot via IG.

One suggested that the driver be given a raise.

Screenshot via IG.

Another suggested that the passenger share the taxi driver's car plate number so that he can get recognised for his kind deeds.

Screenshot via IG.

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Top photos via Dave Kim/Unsplash and @sgfollowsall/IG