Child exasperated as mum says she's doing video review of jigsaw puzzle for Shopee points during video review of jigsaw puzzle

The most Singaporean review ever.

Jane Zhang | November 03, 2021, 12:17 PM

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When it comes to online shopping, some of the biggest indicators of whether a product or seller are legitimate and reliable are the online reviews left by other buyers.

And with many e-commerce platforms offering incentives for buyers who leave reviews, customers often have an abundance of reviews to read through.

Review about jigsaw puzzle

While most product reviews tend to be pretty straightforward — sharing about the product, the delivery time, and any qualms with the product or seller — one rather unique review left by a certain Shopee user has left many people tickled.

The product in question? A 1,000-piece Starry Starry Night jigsaw puzzle.

The review itself, posted on Sep. 4, looks unassuming enough.

The reviewer gave the product five stars and wrote: "Took quite long to reach but price and quality looks decent."

Not extremely detailed, but helpful enough to indicate that shipping may take some time, but the quality shouldn't be too bad.

Why, then, did the review get 233 likes, when the rest of the reviews for the same product got only a couple, at most?

Video review

The mystery is solved after clicking into the video that is attached to the review.

The five-second video shows a quick glance-over of the product's box.

In the background, a young child can be heard whining loudly: "Ma, don't need to take oooooooone!"

The video-taker, presumably the mother of the child, then gently explains: "Take video then can get seven point!"

Here's the video in its full glory, for reference:

The video, which was also uploaded onto TikTok on Tuesday (Nov. 2) by a TikToker whose friend had sent her the review, has garnered nearly half a million views within 21 hours.

Many other TikTok users have commented, expressing their amusement at the young child's words, the mother's explanation, and the entire situation as a whole.

Shopee Coins for leaving reviews

According to Shopee's Help Centre, Shopee users can indeed earn Shopee Coins for leaving reviews.

The mother in the video clearly knows her way around Shopee reviews and Coins, as her review of "Took quite long to reach but price and quality looks decent" clocks in at 60 characters, just above the threshold of 50 characters required to earn Shopee Coins.

And because she included both a picture and a video, and it doesn't appear that she broke Shopee's product review guidelines, she fulfilled the criteria needed to earn seven Shopee Coins.

In case you're wondering what good Shopee Coins are, 100 Shopee Coins are equivalent to S$1, and can be used to offset any Shopee purchase.

So, this Shopee user garnered S$0.07 from her review.

Dealing with her child's whining was probably worth it.

Top photos via Shopee. 

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