SCS selling butterscotch butter at Sheng Siong & Prime supermarkets

Things you never knew you needed.

Mandy How | November 12, 2021, 05:08 PM

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If you already thought bread and butter make a fantastic combination (you would be right), SCS is here to make it even better.

The dairy brand has launched a product that we never knew we needed—a spreadable block of butterscotch butter, in 250g of pure glory.

The product was announced on Facebook on Nov. 10, after an Instagram user posted about it.

SCS suggests that the new element lends a "light touch of sweetness" to their creamy butter.

Where to buy

You can purchase the butterscotch butter (S$6.95) at Sheng Siong and Prime supermarkets, as well as online at Redmart.

While it's currently sold out online, a trip to a random Prime outlet showed that the butter was still on the shelves.

Photo by Mandy How


Photo by Mandy How

Another new product, the rosemary and herb butter, was also spotted next to it:

Photo by Mandy How

Breakfast settled for the next year or so, it seems.

Top image via Mandy How, @qirinrsln on Instagram