Rubbish bins float in knee-deep floodwaters in Bukit Timah on Nov. 9

After heavy rain.

Ashley Tan | November 10, 2021, 01:45 PM

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Update on Nov. 11, 1:30am: This article was updated with a statement from PUB.

Singapore was pounded by heavy rain on Nov. 9, which led to flooding in some areas.

Flooding at King's Road

Videos circulating on WhatsApp and shared with Mothership showed King's Road outside Nanyang Primary School in Bukit Timah completely flooded.

It was subsequently posted to Facebook page SG Road Vigilante as well.

Here's a top down view of the situation filmed by a resident.

The floodwaters were so deep that they extended all the way into driveways of private property, and would likely have seeped indoors into the houses.

Video circulated on WhatsApp via Mothership reader

Another video was filmed by someone driving through the area.

The woman behind the camera repeatedly said "Oh my god" and expressed her worry about how the flooding will affect her car.

From the video, the floodwaters appeared to have swept over several rubbish bins, upending its contents, and trash can be seen floating around.

Video circulated on WhatsApp via Mothership reader

Two passers-by, including a student, were spotted wading through the waters.

The waters were about knee-deep at the time.

Video circulated on WhatsApp via Mothership reader

Blocked inlet chambers caused flooding

PUB told Mothership that they had received feedback from residents at around 3.30pm on flooding that occurred along a 50m stretch of King’s Road, which is not a flood hotspot.

Officers from PUB's Quick Response Team were dispatched, and arrived in 30 minutes. By then, the flooding had already subsided.

PUB conducted a post-flood investigation and found that the drop inlet chambers along King’s Road and the adjacent Prince Road were clogged with fresh grass clippings.

These inlet chambers are meant to channel rainwater runoff from the road into the drainage system, and must not be blocked.

PUB concluded that the blockage was the cause of the flooding.

After the debris in the inlet chambers had been cleared, PUB checked the recent activities in the area and learnt that there were grass cutting works done in the morning on the same day.

They are reaching out to the relevant parties to follow up.

Cool weather to come

Videos of more flooding and heavy rains in other parts of Singapore were also posted to Facebook.

In their statement, PUB revealed that it had issued flood risk warnings for over 10 locations following heavy rain.

Currently, it is forecast that there will be thundery showers over many areas in Singapore in the late afternoon and evening of Nov. 10.

It is also predicted that Singapore will see thundery showers over many areas in the morning of Nov. 11.

Previously, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore's fortnightly report, the total rainfall for the first half of November 2021 is forecast to be above average over most parts of the island.

The wetter weather in the coming fortnight may also bring relatively cooler temperatures to the island on a few days, with daily maximum temperatures below 32°C and daily minimum temperatures below 23°C.

Top photo circulated on WhatsApp via Mothership reader