May Yim Schooling thanks those who supported family after husband's funeral

"We feel so much warmth from everyone," wrote Joseph Schooling's mom in a Facebook post.

Nigel Chua | November 25, 2021, 11:40 AM

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Colin Schooling, father of 26-year-old Olympic champion Joseph Schooling, passed away on Nov. 18, at the age of 73.

After his funeral, held on Monday (Nov. 22), Colin's wife, May Yim Schooling, commented that the past three days had "seemed like a long period", but "flew by quickly" thanks to those who had rallied around the family in their time of grief.

May Yim expressed her gratitude, saying:

"Whether it was a short visit, staying for the day to help out (which Joseph and I are so grateful for!) a message, a phone call or even a hug, we are filled with love. We feel so much warmth from everyone."

She also thanked those who joined the family at the wake over the weekend.

She said that they would have loved for everyone to be there physically at the funeral "to celebrate Colin's well-lived life and his final journey", while also thanking those who tuned in with the help of technology.

"Thank you for tuning in and sending him off. We felt the energy vibrating all over the universe," she wrote.

The post also featured a photo of May Yim and her son Joseph with their arms around each other, with the casket and hearse in the background.

Those concerned about May Yim's well-being would likely take comfort at the final line of her post: An upbeat announcement that it was "finally" time for her to unwind with "some TV time", after what must have been a busy three days.

She said she will also get to reading and replying the thousands of messages she has received on Facebook and WhatsApp.

In her first post after her husband's passing, May Yim wrote that Colin would be missed, but called for celebration over his "freedom from pain and suffering and his reunion with The One above".

Top image via May Yim Schooling on Facebook

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