Man, 24, arrested after allegedly flinging bowl of noodles at Safe Distancing Enforcement Officer

He also hurled vulgarities at the officer.

Mandy How | November 02, 2021, 04:38 PM

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A 24-year-old man in Singapore has been arrested for using criminal force to deter a public servant from the discharge of duty, and for using abusive words against a public servant.

Along with two other friends, the man is also being investigated for non-compliance with safe distancing measures, as the group of three was dining in at Teck Ghee Market and Food Centre.

What happened

On Sep. 15, the police received a call for assistance on a commotion at the food centre.

A Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers (SDEO) from the National Environment Agency (NEA) had observed a dispute between the three men and a couple.

The SDEO then intervened in a bid to cease their dispute, and also told the men that they should not be dining in a group of three.

However, the 24-year-old man allegedly reacted aggressively to the instructions, and apparently began hurling vulgarities at the SDEO.

The man allegedly flung a bowl of noodles towards the SDEO as well, causing the latter's clothes to be stained. The SDEO did not sustain any injuries.

Four separate incidents

The 24-year-old is among four men being investigated for alleged abusive behaviour towards SDEOs in four separate incidents.

The three other men are:

  • A 30-year-old who allegedly hurled vulgarities at an SDEO at Golden Mile Food Centre, while defending a friend who was reportedly mingling among three tables.
  • A 61-year-old who purportedly used profanities and threatened an SDEO with a beer bottle at Sims Vista Market and Food Centre, after being told to wear his mask properly twice.
  • A 53-year-old who punched an SDEO in his face, and a second one on his neck at Redhill Food Centre.

The last case, which occurred on Oct. 23, saw the 53-year-old dining in with three others at the food centre.

The group initially complied when told to sit separately by the SDEOs.

However, the officers conducted further checks and discovered that the man was unvaccinated, and advised him to leave the food centre.

The 53-year-old reportedly reacted aggressively and punched two officers.

He was arrested for voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from his duty, and the group is currently under investigation for non-compliance with safe distancing.

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Top image via Daniel Sin and Alan Lin/Google Maps