Yishun family reviews CCTV footage after urine & faeces allegedly poured at their front door, corridor

The resident said the only his unit was affected.

Fiona Tan | November 23, 2021, 06:58 PM

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A family in Yishun discovered their corridor area and front door allegedly doused with a mixture of urine and faeces.

So, they decided to review CCTV footage to find out what happened.

Allegedly covered in urine and faeces

According to footage shared with Mothership by a reader, Edmund Wong, the incident took place in the morning on Nov. 21 at around 7:35am.

Edmund's grandmother and uncle, Tommy Wong, currently live at Block 712 Yishun Avenue 5.

Speaking to Mothership, Wong said that the incident occurred after he and his mother had left the house at 7:30am.

Upon arriving home at around 9am, Wong said he realised his corridor area, stairway, and his front door was wet. The affected areas appeared to be covered in a mixture of urine and faeces.

According to CCTV footage shared with Mothership, a man can be seen holding an uncapped bottle containing brown fluid. He approaches the unit, where he is then obscured from the camera's view.

He is seen again as he is leaving, with liquid seen spraying from the bottle.

The bottle appears to be emptier this time.

Screenshot of CCTV footage from the Wong family

Incident happened twice

Wong described the neighbour as a Chinese man in his fifties, who lives in a unit one storey below them.

According to him, they were on friendly terms as the pair had interacted several times without any hostility. Nothing seemed amiss and the incident was unprovoked, he added.

Wong also claimed that the incident only happened to his unit, but not other units along the same level.

Another incident had happened previously last year, at around 5:30am on Nov. 10, 2020, which also allegedly involved a mixture of urine and faeces being poured along the corridor.

CCTV footage shared with Mothership showed the man pouring liquid from a bottle in the general direction of the unit.

Screenshot of CCTV footage from the Wong family

The family has been living in the unit for the past 18 years since 2003, and no similar incidents have happened before this.

He also said that the family did not confront the neighbour after reviewing the CCTV footage, but they have described the incident to him in passing to see his response.

The man did not mention any involvement he might have had in the matter, and even advised Wong to report the incident to the police.

Town council response

Wong told Mothership he called the police after the incident happened, and also reported this to the town council.

In response to Mothership's queries, a spokesperson from Nee Soon Town Council (NSTC) said they are aware of the incident.

The spokesperson added that NSTC's property team has been in touch with Wong, and will work with him to "monitor the situation closely". They are also working with the relevant authorities to take the "necessary actions".

In a previous statement to Mothership, the Housing and Development Board said that neighbourly disputes are private matters.

All parties involved are encouraged to settle the dispute, and resolve the conflict amicably.

Should they be unable to do so, HDB said they can seek mediated assistance via their CMCs and grassroots leaders.

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Top image courtesy of the Wong family