After almost 2 years of keeping safe with Covid-19, let’s not be complacent now

Maintaining safety precautions as we progress into an endemic phase.

| Jean Chien Tay | Sponsored | November 12, 2021, 05:58 PM

(Editor's note: This article has been updated on Dec. 17 for greater accuracy with input from the National Environment Agency (NEA))

As Singapore moves to treat Covid-19 as endemic (in other words, a fact of life), it’s increasingly likely that you either had a brush with Covid-19, or you know someone who did.

While a colleague recently complained light-heartedly that he can’t even smell his farts after contracting Covid-19, there could also be other, more serious long-term effects even after recovering from the virus, such as lung and heart problems (touch wood).

With daily cases recording an upward trend in Singapore, there is definitely a strong urge to keep yourself safe and maintain prevention practices against the virus.

After almost two years of living with Covid, it is also important to not get complacent and slack off on the practice of Safe Management Measures (SMM).

After all, we’ve come so far, and all we need to do is to maintain our efforts of protecting ourselves and people around us from Covid.

Here are some safe practices that you should continue to observe.

Mask up and mask properly

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) advisory, the usage of masks alongside additional comprehensive measures helps to suppress the spread of Covid-19 and save lives.

Be sure to clean your hands before putting on and taking off your mask, and ensure that your mask covers your nose, mouth, and chin, for your own protection.

Be in a safe environment

Also according to the WHO’s advisory, it is important to observe safety precautions especially when you’re in an enclosed and “inadequately ventilated” space.

While meeting a friend for a meal is permitted under the current SMM, being in an indoor setting where people are talking can entail risks of contracting Covid-19.

Hence, it’s best to mask up after consuming food and drinks, or alternatively, you can opt for al fresco dining, where ventilation is adequate and the risks of contracting the virus from the particles in the air are lower.

Maintain good hygiene practices

Apart from working from home, another thing that has become prevalent since is the use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, though it could make our hands very dry.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand sanitisers that contain at least 60 per cent alcohol can kill certain germs on your hands.

On a separate note, research conducted by the CDC indicates that the Covid virus can survive on surfaces from hours to weeks, depending on the material of the surface.

Though the risk of Covid-19 transmission via contaminated surfaces is believed to be low, the CDC recommends cleaning high-touch surfaces, such as tables, doorknobs, and phones, to be carried out at least once per day, and more frequently if deemed necessary.

In the event that someone in the household tests positive for Covid-19 and has been in the space within the last 24 hours, cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces should be done by using products that contain disinfectants.

Such steps can also protect you and your family from other diseases such as the hand-foot-and-mouth (HFMD) disease and influenza, which can also spread via contaminated surfaces.

AirTumTec Self-disinfecting Coating

Enter AirTumTec Pro, the first spray-on coating to be listed by the National Environment Agency (NEA), and is for commercial use only, according to distributor Kith.

It is also the only Class A self-disinfectant to obtain ASTM D4060 (American Society for Testing and Materials) for long-lasting effectiveness against the Covid-19 virus, out of 50 other evaluated products.

As a Class A coating, this technology has been certified in accordance with international standards, and demonstrated an efficacy of more than 99 per cent against pathogens.

For context, a pathogen is an organism that causes disease.

According to AirTumTecPro, the protective material is able to kill pathogens upon contact, with up to 180 days of lab-certified protection.

Only AirTumTec Pro, which should be applied by professionals and is not available for retail sale, is included on NEA’s list of household disinfectants and self-disinfecting surface coating products against the Covid-19 virus.

AirTumTec Self-disinfecting Spray and Gloves

Not to be confused with AirTumTec Pro, AirTumTec Self-disinfecting Spray and Gloves (non-NEA listed) are specially formulated for household and personal use.

Used by Singaporean athletes during the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the disinfectant spray applies an alcohol-free coating that “destroys viruses and bacterias by constantly generating oxidising agents”, according to AirTumTec.

They are sold in two volumes -- 50ml and 500ml -- you can have one at home and take one with you whenever you head out.

You can even bring the 50ml one along for your protection if you decide to hop on a Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flight and scratch the itch from the travel bug.

If you are heading out into public spaces where touchpoints are very high, you can also get the AirTumTec Self-disinfecting Antimicrobial Gloves, which are coated with the same protective coating.

Shopping, taking public transport, attending a concert or playing at a theme park can all be done stress-free, reducing the mental anxiety of returning to crowded spaces.

The gloves are available in three sizes -- S, M, and L -- to cater to all age groups.

Get your self-disinfecting spray and gloves

According to Kith Cafe, the company has since coated all surfaces at their outlets using AirTumTec, out of concern for the safety and welfare of their consumers and employees.

It appears that the product has been effective for them, as they are said to have an infection growth rate of zero.

Kith also disclosed that any Covid-19 positive case that had visited their store did not transmit the virus to another person or employee, based on reports from the Ministry of Health.

You can get your hands on AirTumTec’s Self-disinfecting Antimicrobial Spray and Gloves at all nine of Kith’s outlets, or you could also order it online from their website.

Alternatively, you may purchase them from any Meidi-ya supermarkets, Tangs, as well as Krisshop.

The 500ml spray is selling at S$59.90, while the 50ml one will cost you S$19,90. At S$12.90, you can pick up five pairs of gloves in one packet, with three sizes to choose from.

Kith is currently offering a “promo code” for Mothership readers. Simply use “MS15OFF” for a 15 per cent discount at Kith’s online store, available till Nov. 30.

Top image via Kith

This sponsored article by AirTumTec made this writer consider getting both sizes of AirTumTec sprays.