A no-holds-barred review of KFC's two new Zinger Pocketts

Nothing to shout about.

Karen Lui | November 03, 2021, 09:37 PM

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On Nov. 3, KFC launched two new Zinger Pocketts that are available for a limited time only.

Priced at S$5.95 each, the two varieties are the BBQ Nacho Pockett and the Tangy Turkey Bacon Pockett.

Photo by KFC's website.

BBQ Nacho

It comprises a Zinger fillet, smoky BBQ sauce, Chachos BBQ nacho chips, mayonnaise, and lettuce in a toasted tortilla wrap.

Cross-section of BBQ Nacho Pockett. Photo by Karen Lui.

While they helped to add some crunch, the crushed nacho chips became soggy when we left it out for a while.

The chips are secondary because the BBQ sauce, with a hint of spice, overpowers the rest of the ingredients.

Close-up of BBQ Nacho Pockett. Photo by Karen Lui.

If you really, really like BBQ sauce or tend to be more conservative with food flavours, the BBQ Nacho Pockett is a good choice.

Tangy Turkey Bacon

Featuring the same toasted tortilla, this Pockett contains a Zinger fillet, turkey bacon, shredded red cabbage, tangy tomato basil sauce and mayonnaise.

Cross-section of Tangy Turkey Bacon Pockett. Photo by Karen Lui.

The amount of vegetables is significantly less in this Pockett compared to the BBQ Nacho one and the additional turkey bacon is rather forgettable.

Tangy with a hint of spice, the sauce would appeal to those who are looking to try something a bit different.

Close-up of Tangy Turkey Bacon Pockett. Photo by Karen Lui.

Pockett Box

Both Pocketts are also available in a box set (S$10.45) which consists of:

  • one Pockett of your choice
  • one piece Chicken (Original Recipe/ Hot & Crispy)
  • one regular Whipped Potato
  • one regular Fries
  • one medium Sjora Mango Peach

Photo by Karen Lui.

The smaller meal set (S$8.45) comprising a Pockett, one medium Fries, and one medium Sjora Mango Peach is also available.

The new Pocketts are available for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery at all KFC outlets islandwide.

Top images by Karen Lui.

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