Jesseca Liu's cat dies after battling pancreatic cancer for 3 months

Rest in peace.

Karen Lui | November 10, 2021, 04:00 PM

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Local celebrity couple Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan's beloved pet cat, Crusso, has passed away at noon on Nov. 8.

Liu and Chan uploaded a eulogy post on their respective Instagram pages, sharing pictures of the sending off ceremony.

Photo via Jeremy Chan's Instagram page.

Never gave anyone trouble

The veterinarian had told the couple that Crusso had passed peacefully.

Chan noted that such peaceful passing was characteristic of Crusso's personality, as he was a gentle boy who "never gave anyone trouble".

Photo via Jesseca Liu's Instagram page.

The actor-host also revealed how Crusso showed affection to each of them.

The cat would offer to be Chan's "hand cushion" and stayed by his side during his late-night gaming sessions and spent quiet time with Liu in the morning, the 40-year-old said.

Liu expressed her gratitude for her cat's peaceful passing, which prevented them from having to make any painful decisions and put an end to their struggle.

Photo via Jesseca Liu's Instagram page.

Three months to say goodbye

"Although we were not able to be by his side when he passed, he had already given us almost three months to say our goodbyes," she wrote.

When the couple first learnt that Crusso had pancreatic cancer, they knew that he did not have much time and made arrangements for friends to spend time with him before his passing.

The sending off ceremony. Photo via Jeremy Chan's Instagram page.

Liu shared an anecdote about how Crusso's breathing stopped one night.

"People say cats have nine lives, we believe that he had used his ninth and final one to buy more time with us," she added to explain why they had brought him home in the final stretch of his days, instead of leaving him at the vet's.

Photo via Jesseca Liu's Instagram page.

Two days before his passing, Crusso returned to the veterinary hospital—an occurrence that was regarded as the norm as he had been in and out of hospital numerous times.

That night, while Crusso was not home, Liu took the chance to do a spring cleaning of sorts, clearing items that have been accumulated in their home over a number of months.

In the morning, she continued going through the things one by one.

She felt an inexplicable lightness in her heart, as if she had just released a heavy burden.

It was the first time the actress felt so relaxed in months.

At noon, she received a phone call, notifying her to see Crusso at the veterinary hospital.

Alas, he had passed by the time they arrived.

Upon returning home and looking at the pile of items, Liu believes that this was how the cat had chosen to part with them.

Photo via Jeremy Chan's Instagram page.

Crusso knows that they are been mentally prepared and are strong enough to let him wait for them by God's side, the 42-year-old added.

Liu also observed that the flower at home bloomed the day Crusso was in hospital, which Chan had interpreted it as the cat returning to visit.

Photo via Jeremy Chan's Instagram page.

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Top images via Jesseca Liu's and Jeremy Chan's Instagram pages.

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