Eighteen Chefs' co-founder Benny Se Teo retires from restaurant chain after 14 years

Since 2007.

Fasiha Nazren | November 25, 2021, 06:15 PM

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A lot of us know Eighteen Chefs for its affordable western fare. Some are also familiar with Benny Se Teo, the co-founder and face of the restaurant chain.

Eighteen Chefs co-founder announced retirement

If you know Eighteen Chefs for the latter, you might be a little sad to know that Teo, 61, is retiring.

He made the announcement via a Facebook post on Nov. 23.

The chef added that he made the decision to retire and leave Eighteen Chefs and The MeatHouse "some weeks ago".

In the post, he thanked his colleagues, friends, customers, suppliers and landlords for the support he has received.

He added that he left the company on a good note and wished the two restaurant chains all the best.

"May the Lord protects (sic) the business from every harm and grant more good years to the company."

Co-founded Eighteen Chefs in 2007

Teo co-founded Eighteen Chefs in 2007.

His experience with drug addiction — which he recovered from in 1993 — inspired his mission at Eighteen Chefs of helping troubled youths and ex-convicts to find positive ways of reintegrating into society.

As the CCO, he was responsible for menu creation, menu engineering and kitchen workflow designing.

Top image from Benny Se Teo's Facebook page.

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