Car leaves IKEA Tampines with 3-seater sofa strapped to roof


Ashley Tan | November 18, 2021, 05:02 PM

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What should you do when you're in desperate and urgent need of a sofa and can't wait for delivery?

Carry it on the roof of your vehicle, was exactly what one shopper did.

A blue Citroën was recently filmed leaving the carpark of IKEA Tampines with a three-seater sofa somehow strapped to its roof rack.

Here's the car, with some bewildered passers-by.

A video posted by Facebook page SG Road Vigilante showed the car attempting to leave the carpark, but was halted in its tracks by the height restriction barrier.

A man — it is uncertain if he is a security guard or one of the car's passengers — guides the car forward and holds up the height restriction barrier to allow the car to pass through.


Danger to road users

A number of Facebook users commented that the sight bore a striking resemblance to a scene from Mr. Bean.

This is the scene in question.

Photo from Mr. Bean Fandom

Others remarked that the driver was endangering other road users by ferrying such a bulky item on the roof.

According to One Motoring, roof racks should not protrude from the vehicle body laterally or longitudinally.

The cargo on the roof rack should not exceed the loading capacity of the vehicle or the roof rack. It should also be securely fastened to the roof rack and no part of it should protrude laterally beyond the vehicle.

While the sofa in this case does not appear to protrude beyond the sides of the car, it appears to exceed the length of the roof rack itself.

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Top photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB