Working millennials in S’pore share how they manage their savings

Saving money can be hard.

| Low Jia Ying | Sponsored | October 14, 2021, 06:00 PM

In the age of online shopping and credit cards, working millennials often find themselves tempted at every turn to spend their hard-earned money.

I, for one, have refused to deposit my angbao money over the last few years, out of fear that I’ll get tempted to spend it once I see the money in my bank account.

My solution? Keeping all my angbao money in a locked drawer in my room.

Photo by Low Jia Ying.

For sure, this works. But I’m also keenly aware that my drawer doesn’t pay out any sort of interest, and it makes my money smell a little weird.

Curious to know what strange methods of saving money that other working millennials resort to, we decided to ask our readers to share with us their wild money-saving tips.

Here are the strangest ones.

Helps with weight loss too

Some readers choose to sacrifice a good meal to save money.

The temptations of online shopping

Other readers don’t let themselves fall prey to online shopping.

Playing hide and seek with your money

These are some strange hiding places.

Some mental gymnastics required

Parents know best

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Saving money doesn’t always come easy, and some of our readers have resorted to some wild tactics to protect their hard-earned savings.

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