Tortilla blanket that makes you a cosy burrito available on Shopee & Carousell from S$12-S$45


Lean Jinghui | October 30, 2021, 05:38 PM

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Fans of Guzman y Gomez might want to get hold of this.

You can now wrap yourself in a tortilla blanket, and take the meaning of comfort food to the next level.

Available on Shopee, Carousell and more

The blanket is available on multiple platforms, including Shopee, Carousell, Taobao, and Ali Express.

For most of these platforms, the product is generally priced from S$12-S$45.51 per piece.

From S$31.28-S$45.51. Via Shopee

From S$31.28-S$45.51. Via Shopee

From S$12.00-S$22.70. Via Shopee

S$12.90. Via Carousell

S$18.53-S$31.67. Via Taobao.

S$16.21-S$26.53. Via AliExpress.

S$16.21-S$26.53. Via AliExpress.

Three sizes

The tortilla blanket is mostly available in three different sizes across the various platforms, which explains the price difference.

The smallest option comes in the size of 120×120 cm, the medium option is 150cm x1 50cm wide, while the largest is 180cm x 180cm.

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Top images via Shopee and Taobao