S'pore man dons better quality 'Squid Game' henchman costume & poses with massage gun for badass look

Woah we got a badass over here.

Belmont Lay | October 17, 2021, 03:01 PM

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Singaporeans, bored out of their minds from being cooped up on this island for close to two years, have taken to cycling and binge-watching Netflix to while away the time.

And it appears that one man did both and combined his two hobbies into one.

Squid Game cosplay

In a Facebook post on the SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group on Oct. 17, a cyclist/ Korean series fan put up photos of himself cosplaying in better quality Squid Game henchman red jumper outfit while riding his bicycle in the HDB estate.

The exact reason for the mashup is not known, but it can be assumed that he is trying out the breathability of the fabric, as well as how easy it is to manoeuvre around in one.

The post only said: "Happy Sunday everyone! Hard to breathe in this costume. 😁"

Best of all, to imitate the show's henchmen, the man in Singapore held up his massage gun to look like he is holding a firearm.

His jumper also appears more authentic and industrial, with a proper black belt and perforated black mask to boot.

This looks better than the initial batch of cheap knock-offs shipped out of China.

The post brought about laughs from members of the group, who marvelled at the cyclist's love for being weird but funny.

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All photos via Myk Alain Cañada