Vet slams fake info that SPCA S’pore euthanises animals that aren't adopted

Such misinformation undermines the public image and donations that SPCA receives.

Low Jia Ying | October 18, 2021, 01:53 PM

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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) does not euthanise healthy animals, local veterinarian Haoting Chow clarified in a Facebook post on Sunday (Oct. 17).

Chow is the locum veterinarian at SPCA, and published his post expressing concern that people were spreading misinformation about SPCA's euthanasia practices.

"Stop using SPCA as your scapegoat"

In his post, Chow highlighted how instances of people who vilify SPCA to get their rehoming requests to go viral hurts SPCA's credibility and ability to run its operations.

via Haoting Chow/FB.

He said that euthanasia "is not taken lightly" and is only used as a last resort to "prevent unnecessary suffering and protect animal welfare".

Chow appealed to the public to stop using SPCA as a "villain" and "scapegoat" by making pet rehoming requests that wrongfully and casually state that SPCA euthanises its healthy animals.

Chow had made a similar appeal earlier in 2021, after a post online circulated a claim that SPCA had euthanised a cat that was brought in.

Misinformation harms SPCA's funding and credibility

Chow shared the extent of how such misinformed posts can be extremely harmful for SPCA:

"A single ill-informed semi-viral social media post destroys years of our hard work."

The "ripple effect" of this misinformation affects SPCA's public image, and can cut down the amount of donations that it receives.

With less funding, SPCA will have less resources to help the over 2,000 animals that the shelter receives every year, Chow added.

Chow also clarified that SPCA does not receive any government funding, and has to rely on public donations to operate.

Such accusations also undermine the "blood, sweat and tears" that SPCA staff and volunteers put into running the shelter.

Share posts on long-term animals at SPCA instead

Chow gave an insight into the current situation of SPCA in his Facebook post.

He said there are "20 to 30 patients fighting for their lives in our hospital wards every single day" and plenty more who are awaiting adoption.

SPCA currently houses 200 animals.

"Those animals you see up for adoption are only a fraction of the animals waiting for homes. We have a conveyor belt of animals still waiting for their turns," he added.

Chow suggested that "instead of spreading misinformation", members of the public can share about the long-term residents of the shelter so that they can be adopted.

Here are some long-term residents that Chow highlighted in his post:

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Top photos via Haoting Chow/FB and SPCA Singapore/FB